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2008 Flying Star Chart: A Brief Commentary


If your house Main Door, bedroom or study are located in the East or Southeast locations of your property (where the #8 and #9 stars reside respectively), good news - there’s not much you need to do to get READY FOR THE RAT. By using the room or the door, in effect, being there or entering your home, you are already activating these two favourable stars, and you’re already tapping into the two Wealth Qi positions for the year.

If you’re using the #8 or East direction star (known as the Wang Qi or Prosperous Qi direction), then the year will be favourable for you in terms of wealth opportunities that can be exploited NOW and in the immediate year. Opportunities or investments that are already in profit are ready to be cashed in on.

If you’re using the #9 or Southeast direction star (known as the Sheng Qi or Growth Qi direction), then the year is favourable for laying down the foundations of wealth opportunities (such as expanding your business) or undertaking long-term investments.

If you don’t have a door or a bedroom in the East or Southeast, have no fear. You don’t have to resort to the toad. A little fish tank filled with water (with some guppies to keep the mosquitoes away) will do. Water, being a Yang element, will activate the Qi.

A North Main Door, bedroom or study is also good in 2008. The #6 Star, which governs authority, recognition, fame and power, resides in the North and this is a good room to use if you are looking for a promotion, or to move up in your organization, or just to get some positive PR. For those with children facing important examinations this year, you want to try and let them sleep or study in a Northeast room, where the #4 star is located.This is a star that is helpful for academic pursuits.

People are usually tempted to look into cures often because they are frightened of the negative stars and want to ‘negate’ them. The best way to negate something, is to just avoid the situation. Like the beehive in a tree, as long as you don’t poke it with a stick or stir up the hornets inside, nothing bad will happen!

As three major afflictions – the Five Yellow, the Year Breaker and the 3 Killings - reside this year in the South, that makes life a little easier. Find the South location in your home, and where practical and possible, avoid using the area or renovating that area. Now, let’s say the South happens to be your TV room or bedroom – you might want to move the TV to another room (preferably one with positive Stars) or sleep in another room for the year. But if you can’t do that, just avoid moving any of the furniture, moving things about, or striking the walls or ground in that area. Don’t put up pictures and don’t hammer the wall. If you can not use the room at all, that is best. If not, try to avoid making any chances or movement to that room. Remember, we don’t want to trigger the stars with activity.

It’s also important to remember that you should avoid touching the ground in the South, even if it is outside your property. Whilst there’s not much you can do if your neighbour decides to dig up his garden, which happens to be the South part of your home, you can avoid problems by not doing any digging on your own side of the fence.

The other two problem zones in 2008 are the West, Southwest and Northwest. The West is where the #3 star is located and this star is typically associated with squabbling, arguments and petty disputes. If you sleep in this room, or have a Main Door located in the West, you should be cautious in your dealings with people. Be careful what you say, and try to keep the peace rather than be confrontational. The Southwest is where the #7 Robbery star is located. If you have a Main Door here (especially offices), it is good to put into place some solid accounting procedures as fraud and petty theft are likely. Invest in a good burglar alarm system, be careful when going in and out, or carrying cash, and insure your valuables.

Bedrooms in the Northwest will usually result in the occupants being prone to illness this year. Stomach problems, gastrointestinal ailments and migraines are likely, and stress will be part of the underlying cause behind the problem. If possible, use another room for the year. If not, be cautious with what you eat, and manage your stress levels!

Let’s get a little bit sophisticated with how we look at the chart for a minute.

The annual chart on the face of it appears to suggest that those with Northwest doors or bedrooms are doomed to a rotten year. But in Flying Stars, it’s very important to look at Combinations. So for example, whilst the Northwest is not a favourable sector, when the Qi in the Northwest is combined with that of the East, property-related wealth opportunities will arise. This is due to the Combination of Ten outcome that arises when the #2 and #8 Star come together.

Similarly, the #7 Star, which resides in the Southwest in 2008, can be turned positive, through proper use, to unlock opportunities in the entertainment business, or to open the doors to opportunities involving speaking, teaching, or communications. In fact, the #7 Star can be particularly good for those in the sales industry or for companies that are dependant on good sales, to secure their profits for the year.

Don’t get it? Don’t worry - Never under-estimate the power of basics. Like I always say – don’t let what you can’t do, get in the way of what you can do. Bear in the mind the mantra “Use the Good, Avoid the Bad” and you can’t go wrong in 2008.

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