Can life really be without regrets?


“If only I could turn back time. I would change a few things in my life”. How many people can confidently say they’ve never wished this for themselves at some point in their life?

Can life really be without regrets?

Even as students and practitioners of BaZi, we too face this dilemma once in a while. (Hopefully - less though :-)) That’s what I told a client today during her reading. No one is spared of this agony.

We just have to realise - that some things NEED to happen for better things to come our way. Some lessons we have to learn. Some shit we have to deal with. There’s just no other way.

It’s always painful when this happens. It may take some time for things to heal or get better.

The best way to deal with this is to seek out ‘alternatives’ in our chart to replace the “emptiness” that is present.

Most charts would have options. But if we are too engrossed in the present (pain), the better future cannot unfold.

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2 Responses to “Can life really be without regrets?”

  1. ample Says:

    Time is the best medicine, it heal like no other.

    Joey, can I ask you a question here, I’m a web designer working from home using the internet everyday. What type of element am I in, - water, fire, earth, metal or wood? :)

  2. wilson Says:

    some begin of great luck looks awful - seems like a misfortune, after awhile we’ll see the silver lining ahead. :)

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