Bad Fortune Mole

I was at a dinner function last night, shortly after I landed in KLIA. One of the ladies kept pestering me if she should remove one of her moles from her face.


Here I am – head spinning still on SF time – trying to intelligently answer this woman if she should remove her mole.

I said Yes. Why not? It’s your mole. You can do whatever you want with it.

Not satisfied with my answer she asked again:

“is this a bad (fortune) mole?” – I said yes.

“will this change my luck?” - I said No.

“Then why do I need to remove it!?” – As I said. It’s your choice. You may look prettier without it. :-)

Moles DO NOT directly affect your luck nor your destiny. In face reading, moles merely INDICATE certain aspects/events/attributes belonging to your life. Strictly speaking, by removing your mole, it does not CHANGE those aspects/events/attributes. It just means it’s now harder for the face reader to see or read you since this piece of information is now unavailable.

What truly changes your life are your decisions, thoughts, actions and wisdom. If you knew what the mole indicates on your face, and subsequently proceed to make changes through your thoughts, action, decision and wisdom – you will change the outcome. You can shape your destiny. With or without the mole.

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One Response to “Bad Fortune Mole”

  1. Pamila Ausley Says:

    Thanks for sharing your humorous reply Joey! I am so thrilled to see you state again and again how face reading and even Bazi give us the map of our life, past, present and future, but it is up to us on how the outcome will unfold–CHOICES!
    Thanks for sharing and all you do to clarify and educate the Classics of Feng Shui!
    Hope you are enjoying being home for awhile!
    I am!

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