The Blood Test

bloodtest.jpgThis morning I went for a medical check up. I haven’t done one in years. I hate medical check ups. There are two things I hate most about medical check ups:

1. I hate the blood test. I dunno why. Everytime I do a blood test – I feel extremely giddy. Almost to the point of blacking out for about 5 minutes. I hate that feeling.

2. I hate the nurses. No, don’t get me wrong. I’m sure they are very nice people. Unfortunately, they are also very nosy. And unfortunately, they’ve watched my TV program. And they keep asking me for freebies while I’m busy fainting after my blood test.

I can’t understand their fascination with me going to get a medical check up. They seem to be under the impression that Joey Yap doesn’t need to see doctors. What’s wrong with these people?? - they actually think Feng Shui masters are supposed to live forever. She actually said to me in her broken English - ‘I thought you good Feng Shui? - Won’t get sick right?’

I’m wanted to tell her … hey I’m mortal too! In case you don’t know – I also fall sick and may actually die just like the rest of you nosy people. But of course, I was too scared to say anything … just in case the needle is more painful. Yeah, I have a major weakness for blood tests. I see blood – I faint. I’m pathetic.

I think the average person seem to have a very unusual impression of Feng Shui practitioners. They seem to think that we are from a different planet. (Sometimes I think if I told them my shit is green they’d probably believe me). They perceive us as being mysterious. And they are always curious to see us at clinics.

Hmm - just because I’m a Feng Shui practitioner doesn’t mean I can’t get a medical check up right? While Feng Shui can certainly help with our health and improve our healing abilities - it does not mean that we are totally immune to all illnesses and it certainly does not mean that we can live forever. Can doctors live forever? Can doctors get sick too?

I think the problem is the major public don’t have a good understanding of what Feng Shui is and isn’t. Guess I just have to work harder in bringing Feng Shui literacy to the masses.

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12 Responses to “The Blood Test”

  1. Shoukei Says:

    Hi, Mr. Joey Yap. Before I knew anything about Feng Shui, I used to think that it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Like you are having good Feng Shui if you feel good and satisfied living in a place. But when I felt that way, others around me felt the opposite. So I figured that if everyone in a same place doesn’t feel things the same way there then Feng Shui must be more than just a gut feel.

    After reading your books, I found that Feng Shui is a rather abstract yet powerful thing. From that, I thought that a Feng Shui practitioner, who could possibly do something to a person’s Feng Shui to change that person’s luck, would really be a somebody. That really made me look up to Feng Shui practitioners like they are the ‘chosen ones’ who are connected to the energies of the universe. Like they know more than what normal people do.

    Now that I’ve been through your books about Feng Shui, Mian Xiang and Bazi, this whole Metaphysics thing seems more like another subject to study in my life and there’s not much mojo about it. The way you write them really explains a lot, and not to mention, your writing style entertains readers like me in some way. And because of that, I read your books like how Harry Potter fans read their Harry Potter volumes. :D Well, for a Feng Shui practitioner like you to write books that way, Feng Shui master or not, we are just humans anyway.

    P.S.: Sorry if this comment is too long.

  2. Shoukei Says:

    Sorry but I don’t mean to spam you with comments but about medical check ups, when you hadn’t had one in years, I haven’t had one all my life! (if BCG’s and consultations for flu don’t count). No offense but I feel down right lucky! Anyway, just to let you know that I honestly don’t trust Western medicine when it comes to diagnosis and treatment. Not any more. When I feel ill, I turn to Traditional Chinese Medicine a.k.a. TCM.

    Like Metaphysics, the main aim of TCM is to maintain optimum balance in one’s health using the theory of Yin and Yang. According to TCM, if you’re ill, your body is most likely having imbalances. And if you treat those imbalances, you’re all good! But it would require TCM knowledge to treat them of course.

    Oh, and there’s one more thing about TCM that you’re gonna love, Joey. From all that I’ve read about TCM, TCM diagnosis ain’t gonna need no blood tests.

  3. Gary Says:

    In Msia, people are still not so develop in knowledge, so they see Feng Shui master as semi-God or God messenger. So their expectation is you live forever and immortalise by them. Ha ha ha .. enjoy the privilage.. Joey ..:)

  4. Bernard C Says:

    You are absolutely correct Joey,

    Just because if someone’s a lawyer doesn’t mean he can’t be committing any crime and likewise a doctor who can’t get sick and die.

    Bottomline is we’re all humans.What distinguish every individual is the knowledge and skills that one possesses in his/her respective profession.

    Have a wicked time in NY :D


  5. Elaine Says:

    I read your “blood test” ordeal with amusement. A good laugh after a hectic day at work.

    You can really whine, Mr Joey Yap!!

    Technically, your shit can be greenish hue due to high amount of indigesting green veggies. (ref. Gut Wisdom by Alyce M. Sorokie, 2004, 1st edition, pg 58)

    Take care!

  6. Yvone Yap Says:

    Hi, Joey, is good dat u go for blood test and medical check up annually. Prevention is better than cure and Health is wealth..rite? If ur check up result is good then is a peace of mind..rather than do nothing if u oredi hav some symptoms and keep thinking about it..Law of attraction will eventually cause something to happen…
    I hav read few of your books and dvds, and i really enjoyed them.. i m waiting for your Bazi 10 gods book..wondering when is it going to be launched?


  7. JoV Says:

    Stumbled upon your blog by serendipity and applaud your effort expend in your website, which is incredibly developed and fun.

    As a Malaysian in the UK, you have made people like me proud. You should come preach in the UK, the way they build their roads, houses and malls, shows you how ignorant they are about feng shui in this part of the world. You might as well talk about philosophy or play music to a donkey!

    Will be learning more from you. Well done!

  8. Foong Says:

    Hi, just browsing here and read this. Let me tell you I am afraid of blood test too! And just like you, every time I take a blood test, I will feel giddy and black out. So here’s what I do now - I lie down when taking the blood test. And focus on something pleasant (like a holiday by the beach or something) while the doctor/nurse pricks on you. This helps every time, so try it.

    As for the nosy nurses, lucky me for not being a famous person like you, so the nurses don’t bother me, haha!

  9. Wilson Says:


    I hate blood test too or should I say I had hate my blood being taken. Every time I went for blood test those nurse would poke me on my left arm and said “I can’t find your vein”, stuck the needle on my right arm and said the same thing.

    The last time I had my blood taken almost got me fainted, as usual I poke left and right but this time the nurse’s face turn pale (with a needle on my right arm), turn around and called for senior nurse for help.

    my jaw almost dropped.

  10. Frances Goh Says:

    oh no, u told me tat i have to go for my medical check-up and blood test in 2009, i haven’t been to one yet…i’m just as scared as u! well, i’m a water person, and earth contaminates water, and i’m still hanging on…i hate needles, doctors & nosey nurses too! now, i realise u also hate the needles, and u whine alot too…hahaha…so, u r just like me too!!! i’m human after all!!!

  11. PChan Says:

    Hi Joey,
    Re: Nosey Nurses
    To be honest, if I was one of them attending to you then, I would also have tried to get freebies from you. Well, maybe they cant afford to pay you consultation fee haha…(dont misunderstand, I know nothing is free in this world). Depending on what type of nurse, some may not earn much I guess?
    IMayybe what they should have done is to be more sensitive to your needs..make sure you get a lollipop or something sweet ..maybe can stop your giddiness? Then when you are well and happy, maybe they stand a better chance to get the freebies from you. I think I would have tried this method..hehe!
    Anyway all the best for 2010. When I have some money, I might even engage your consultancy services.(I think I need it)

  12. Nicole Says:

    I think everyone should be doing medical check up on a routine basis for health purposes. There is no saying as to whether a feng shui master will fall sick or not. No matter who we are, we are only human being and health is the most important thing in our life.

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