Destined to Die?

MJIt’s funny that so many beginning students of BaZi seem to be obsessed with finding out “when will someone die” or “why someone died” from a BaZi chart. Since my posting on MJ’s chart yesterday– already some are asking why can’t I predict MJ’s death and warn him in advance.

Firstly, my points in my previous post were made in reference to his dance talent. At no point did I attempt to analyse WHY he died at 50 or HOW he died, NOR did I claim I could have seen it in his chart earlier. Secondly, even if I could calculate and predict his premature death date, how the heck will I be able to warn him?! (Are u nuts?) I don’t have his private cellphone number you know. And thirdly, in the extreme remote event that I could get in touch with him, what makes you think he would he have listened to me?

I get rather annoyed sometimes with silly comments / questions like these. And I get these all the time in my emails or seminars. (Sorry guys, this is my personal fb page, so I guess I could speak my mind and do away with the niceties, hope you don’t mind me being open about how I feel).

Frankly speaking - it’s quite hard to pinpoint the exact date of death from the BaZi chart. Most of the time, we could only “guestimate” the possible period, never exactly down to the moment. I actually thought this ‘may’ only happen to him in his next luck pillar, which he crosses in 2010. I did not expect it would happen earlier then.

In fact, just a week before his death, I was jokingly telling my friend (who is a member of this fanpage as well) that the reason I’ve bought tickets to his This Is It tour for July 14 is because I believe he won’t last very long based on his chart. (BTW I bought VIP tickets, 3rd row from the stage …haha …yeah I’m big fan, what can I say). So, honestly, nope, I did not see it in his chart that he would die suddenly on June 25. (If I did I would have sold off my tickets before and made 3x the money hahah … just kidding) Of course, now looking at it in retrospect I can come up with so many ‘explanations’ on why this happened, but what’s the use?

Exact death date is extremely hard to predict. Not that it can never be done. It’s just very, very hard and tedious to do. That’s why most practitioners don’t bother doing it. I think somehow, if the Heavens forbid such information to be seen or told, no matter how meticulous you are in your reading, you’d still somehow miss out on the obvious information.

On retrospect, yeah, of course it’s easy to see this in a chart. Anyone can say this. But had I seen this earlier in MJ’s chart? Nope. Not with absolutely certainty at least. I wasn’t even paying attention to this aspect of the reading at all. What was obvious to me was the health problems. But no, I wasn’t expecting it to be that serious - leading to a homicide on June 25. I mean, c’mon, we don’t even have to look at his chart to know this, he was 50 and he was going through his ‘Nose Luck’ from a Face Reading point of view -what could this blatantly tell us? (Nose governs age 41 to 50).

Of course, I was only reading his chart for fun and not seriously. Like most people studying BaZi would be especially if you are a MJ fan. But the reading was done so long ago. I couldn’t even remember the details. But had he been a client of mine on the other hand, then yeah, of course I would have paid much more attention to details. Perhaps it could be avoided. But who knows? I can’t tell you for sure I would be able to pick this homicide incident up. (I’d probably be too star struck if I saw him in person to do any reading:-) )

There are many variables in a death date calculation. For instance – one needs to be in the wrong place, wrong time, doing the wrong thing – to have caused death.

And plus – people don’t always die in ‘bad luck’ pillars. That’s the problem. Some people do die during ‘good luck’ pillars and MJ is, arguably, one of them. It really depends on what you define as good luck and bad luck of course.

Technically – he got what he set out to achieve with this comeback tour. He’s now the No.1 selling artist in the world and loved by all once again. Not to mention he’s managed to clear up all his financial issues. And before this, there were zillions of journalists out there ridiculing and belittling him. Now, it’s cool to be a MJ fan once again! Yeah he came back alright. He succeeded alas. Only one small problem - he didn’t come back alive.

Well, think about it this way … did MJ really die? I think he’s immortal now. People will remember MJ forever. People will love him forever. How many people can achieve this? So is Bing Yin 丙寅 a good or bad LP? You think about it.

If death could be clearly pinpointed, this means BaZi (and other forms of Astrology) is a ‘fatalistic’ study. It would mean that everything is destined from the start. If so, then why bother to study this science in the first place?

Some may say ‘if I know when I would die, I could prepare for it.’ Well, I have news for you – you’d surely die someday. It doesn’t matter when, but we all will eventually. So why not be prepared ALWAYS and live life to the full? Then you’d have no regrets when it happens. ☺
I believe your BaZi (your destiny) is not fated.

Nothing about destiny is truly carved in stone. There is always room for change and improvement. Hence, it is up to you to decide on your own outcome in life based on what you’ve been given (based on your chart) from the start. Ah yes …of course no one said it’s going to be easy. :-)

Had MJ not practiced his dance moves and fulfill the minimum 10,000-hour rule to perfect his craft, do you think he could be the King of Pop? A chart merely tells you what talents or capabilities you were born with. It does not guarantee your absolute success. Your level of success is much determined by your actions and the choices you make.

So my advice is – don’t focus on how to read ‘death’ in the BaZi chart. Focus on how to be the best you can be instead! Focus on ways to maximize your capabilities and talents in your chart (which is God given) and live life to the full! Ultimately it’s not how long you live, it’s how well you live your life.

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6 Responses to “Destined to Die?”

  1. Amy Theisen Says:

    Hey Joey–well said! Thanks for giving me your beautiful Gui syntax to explain to my clients why I can’t tell them when they will die ! Always surprises me that they ask–”It’s Not how long you live, it’s how well you live!”
    See you in New York!

  2. Shirley Says:

    Our need to control the flow of life sometimes lead us to the wrong direction. You’ve pointed out the right perspective in this piece. I share the same view before i read this, but actually reading it in the same tone as it sounds in my head….i can feel something clicks within me and i feel a calm i never felt before. for that, thank you.

  3. audrey Says:

    thank you for such a wonderful write up about Michael Jackson.

    I love your books and your philosophy.

  4. Jen Says:

    I always thought that we are able to control our lives, that is, alot of things is in our hands. However, one friend who studies Astrology rebutted me on that saying that how about those who die in the Tsunami? He said that it’s pre-destined. Sometimes that confuses me.

  5. emmy Says:

    Yes, Joey good philosophy and keep it up.


  6. wei Says:

    well.. i dun really understand feng shui =P my parent does though lol.. just happen to stumble upon ur blog when i wanna find more info on face reading =P but i like this post!~ Especially the part ‘ live life to the fullest’ =) i always like this quote =) o yea.. like the post abt the nurse too lol.. nice job on face reading thing btw =)

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