Michael Jackson – Part 1: The Dance and The Hour

Michael Jackson BaZi Chart

MJ’s talent in dancing can be attributed to the 3 growth stars he has in his chart. Of course, this is not the only reason obviously, but one of the main reasons. The clash between Tiger and Monkey gives him the break-dance-like robotic moves and especially that anti-gravity footwork! Growth Stars are known as “Sky Horses” – they represent quick reflexes, speed, agility and grace. Elvis Presley, has similar configuration in his chart. These ‘Growth Stars’ seem to appear in many artist who can do fancy dance moves like Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, James Brown and Usher. Of course, none can compare to the configuration of Michael Jackson’s.

We shouldn’t focus on the clash right now. No doubt, a clash to the marriage palace, as we all know, is not the most ideal situation when we read marriages/relationships. But this is the not the focus of my post today.

Some quick thoughts on Growth Stars and the Hour Pillar:

• Growth Stars are also Sky Horse stars. They denote movement and wealth as a result of traveling. Did you know that MJ’s concert world tours were mainly held OUTSIDE USA? Even the last one that was not to be, was promised in London - again outside his home country. He was already achieving what they call ‘Stadium Status’ back in the 80s outside of the USA, way before Jay-Z, Kanye West and Beyonce can do in their home country today!

• His albums sell all over the world! More than 750 million copies in total I heard. Do you think just 2 Growth Stars (without the “Wealth Star”– Pig) would have made him the biggest selling artist of all time?

• The Gui Hai 癸亥 (Water Pig) hour pillar – is the final pillar of the 60 Jia Zi. This pillar is the smallest ….or you could say the ‘youngest’ of the lot. He loves children and is, himself, very child-like as we know. (As you can see, his DM combines with the Hour Pillar totally – in a Heaven and Earth combo). If you’ve attended my class before, you’d know that the “Hour Pillar” is also known as the Desire and Aspiration Palace. What does this piece of information tell you? ☺

• The 寅 Tiger inside the “spouse/home” palace is also part of the Gen Gua 艮卦. Which represents young children. With a combo-destruction happening between his spouse (or home) palace with his children palace – we can see the disastrous events that took place in 2003 (a Gui Wei 癸未year) where the 未Wei (Goat) fights to combine away the 亥 Hai (Pig) and contaminating it in the process. (All this has got to do with “children” – hence the children palace). 戊 Wu and 癸 Gui is, after all known as the ‘merciless combination’.

• One must not forget Michael Jackson has a very soft spoken, gentle, quiet personality off stage. A typical weak Wu Earth 戊土Day Master nature. When he steps onto the stage, he literally transforms into another person! The electrifying persona takes over. Almost a totally different personality! This is very strong evidence of a Wu-Gui combination - Transforming Qi dual personality. (In BaZi, the stage represents Fire element. And on it, it helps the transformation become successful! Fire is also his favorable element. Hence on stage – MJ is untouchable! He is the King of Pop!)

• IMHO had he been born at 11.30am like some reports claim then he would already have 午 Horse hour, 寅 Tiger Day and 戌 Dog year – making a Fire Structure. This means - a Resource star element would already be dominant in his chart from birth. A resource structure will not have the same “killing qi”…. that super-confident, electrifying persona on stage. Resource is relaxed, shy and slow. You won’t get those lighting spins and anti-gravity moonwalk from ever present, strong Resource element.

• Wu戊-Gui癸 combination relationship usually have the following attributes:
o Ladies – marries younger husband.
o Man – marries older women.
o Of course this does not always mean real “marriage”. This is just what is stated in the old books. In reality, that could mean that the man is constantly surrounded by or is attracted to, or is helped by older women.
o In this case - think – Elizabeth Taylor, Brooke Shields, Diana Ross.

Anyway, there many, many more points we can find to elaborate further. His talent is obviously related to his Geng Shen Eating God 食神 Star structure. But this will be a topic for another time. So much information and we haven’t even gone into the 10 Gods, the structure, or even the strength of the Day Master yet.

There’s just so many, many fascinating aspects we can learn from MJ’s chart alone. For example – we can see why the world is so attracted to him and his life, we can see why he choose to do plastic surgery, why he speaks and behaves the way he does, his skin problems, what inspires him to write the songs he write and what’s he’s like as a person.

Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time right now. (I’m juggling between consults and working on a manuscript for a new book – burning the midnight oil as usual). I will continue to post my input on MJ’s chart whenever I’m free (or when the total members of this fbpage hits 2000 ..hehe ☺ you guys know what to do for me ya ? ☺ ). In the meantime, please enjoy and continue to participate and provide your comments on the above aspects I mentioned. I’ll chip in whenever I can.



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4 Responses to “Michael Jackson – Part 1: The Dance and The Hour”

  1. Amy Says:

    This is great. I have heard about the stars system but have not studied it. Thanks for the great article to help me learn a bit more about it!

  2. Poong Says:

    I would like to ask Master whether how can I survive in wealthy living? Besides, I just believe that with wealth can bring better life for my family and people around me.

  3. Poong Says:

    Please guide…Thanks…

  4. Clarice Says:

    This makes very curious to know about my family and I. My dad, husband and I are all in the business of Events and Entertainment. My dad is a very prominent band musician and my (younger) husband was a dancer & musician but has quit to concentrate on other (creative) areas of this business. We have one of the most exciting jobs among the people that we know. However, altough we enjoy our work tremendously, the income is unstable and this kind of work sometimes make you feel very insecured. I wished I know how to read my own Bazi so that I know how to prepare for the future.

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