Strong Day Master Meeting Wealth Star

It is merely a general concept - that a Strong DM seeing Wealth Stars brings good fortune. There are many ways a DM can be considered ’strong’ and each will have a different reaction/outcome when they meet their Wealth stars.

For instance - a Metal day master that is ‘technically’ strong as a result of Resource - is not really ’strong’. It just looks strong. (Strong Earth, especially dry Earth, buries Metal rather than produces it]. It’s what we call a fake outlook. In real life, the person would merely be ‘looking good but going nowhere’. The person would think very highly of him/herself, but is actually not achieving anything significant. Lives in a world of make-believe. He/She is prone to chasing unrealistic dreams and not listen to good advice (this is a typical strong Resource problem).

Now, when this Day Master meets its Wealth Stars - do you think it can actually control the Wealth Star? Technically, a strong Day Master CAN control the wealth star. BUT is this Day Master ‘really’ strong in the first place? So this becomes a situation where the person ‘thinks’ he/she can, but in actual fact, doesn’t have any substance, strategy, talent or real ability to achieve. He or she is merely positively bluffing him/herself. The Wealth star’s presence merely distorts his or her emotions, presenting many ideas but no real execution plan.

Wealth Stars to guys is also considered the relationship stars. In situation like this, it would be wrong to interpret that the person will enjoy good relationship and should get married.

Getting married in this period could be disastrous! Why? (Think about the relationship between the Wealth Star and the Resource Star :-) )

[to be continued]

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One Response to “Strong Day Master Meeting Wealth Star”

  1. Yvone Yap Says:

    Hi, Joey, i read your Bazi and Bazi revealed, r u saying dat The metal is not really strong because is boosted by Wu Earth the resource star, instead of by the season born. In what situation will the Metal b strong? Born in the Metal season? or boosted by Ji earth? or both appear?
    Sorry, a bit confused..

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