Wheel of Fortune?

The manager of the restaurant told me that this is their Feng Shui ‘Wheel of Fortune’. It’s supposed to be a highly specialized Feng Shui setup designed to usher great wealth to the premises.


‘The Wheel of Fortune’


The spinning wheel is suppose to ’spin’ the wealth into the restaurant. Turning all bad luck to good.

This so-called secret technique of Feng Shui is supposed to be a safely guarded secret known only to a privileged few. (haha here we go again) Or so I was told. Special ‘ingredients’ where even strategically positioned (facing a specific direction) in the fountain to ‘attract’ prosperity.


As you can see … there is the Dragon Tortoise and the Money Frog strategically located.

And it’s effects? - Just see for yourself!


Empty restaurant

The real problem?

Wheel of Fortune is a just a fancy name for an oversized tabletop Wealth Fountains. Their so called auspicious symbolism has absolutely no bearing in Classical Feng Shui. It has got nothing to do with the spinning wheel, the plastic looking dragon tortoise and the frog. What really matters in internal application of Classical Feng Shui, is the position of the water. And in this case, it’s positioned VERY badly.


Qi leaking out the corridor. (Noticed the ground is sloping down outwards)

This water is flowing OUT the main door! All the Qi is leaked. This ‘wheel of fortune’ is more of a disaster than real help. We don’t even need to plot the Eight Mansions, Flying Stars or DaGua charts to know this is a bad water setup.

Solution? - Easy. Remove ‘Wheel of Fortune. ‘

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One Response to “Wheel of Fortune?”

  1. Pamila Ausley Says:

    Love these pictures to remind us what untruths are being told to others in the World of Feng Shui!
    Thanks for your pictures and blog Joey!! Look forward to more! Love facebook too! great way to communicate between our countries!!

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