On the trail at 8

Things have been insanely hectic this month, hence the slowdown in posts. I’ve been spending the last few weeks either in a plane or teaching. Hopefully when things become less hectic, I’ll have time for longer posts!

Just a quick post to point you all in the direction of the China Excursions website - I’ll be in China for the next two weeks with a group of students visiting some interesting spots and there will be daily updates of our journey at the website. Updates should start tomorrow (11 April) and there will be plenty of pictures and informative write-ups on the various locations of Feng Shui-interest we will be visiting.

I hope to be able to blog while in China but it all depends on the Internet lines as we might be in some rather rural parts of China. But do drop by the Excursions website regularly for the next two weeks - it won’t be like being there, but it will be close!

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2 Responses to “On the trail at 8”

  1. sandy choo Says:

    Dear Master Joey Yap,

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom and your journey of China with us. I am so honored. I just wish I could be there with you and your students right now. I have read through all your previous journeys. I am so fascinated by your work.

    May the light continue to shine on your path, always.


  2. Almond Says:

    Dear Joey

    Wherever you are, hope you are well and happy. Take care while you are in China.

    almond x

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