Hot Working Lunch

Am deep in China at the moment researching for the upcoming China Excursion 08. Lunch has been rather ‘hot’ all the way through, which is a good thing I suppose since it is quite cold here.

Lunch Day 2

Lunch Day 1

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2 Responses to “Hot Working Lunch”

  1. Mogul Lady Says:

    Food looks yummy! I love chilli!

  2. Caroline Teh Says:

    According to my understanding of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), It is not advisable to take hot stuffs or ‘heaty food’ during cold weather as thought by many as our body heat tends to get lock up or centered in the very core of our being due to the cold weather suppressing the heat, not allowing it to surface to the outer surface - our skin . Since taking these food will only add up to the collected heat inside , it tends to manifest itself as cold, flu, wind heat , gerd and etc when we back to the hot or tropical climate therefore please take care……
    Maybe and hopefully your good feng shui or Bazi will get you through!!


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