‘Hoi Kong’ (Start Work) dates for 2008

Next to questions about which animal sign is going to do the best and worst, the most popular question at this time of the year is “what date is best to start work?”

It is traditional for Chinese businesses to seek a good date to commence business (or ‘hoi kong’ in Cantonese) at the start of the New Year. The idea is to have business start or work commence on the right foot and to ensure a smooth year ahead.

Logically the process of selecting a date to commence work after Chinese New Year is no different from selecting any other date for the commencement of business or to start up an endeavour. After all, it is only in Asia, where Chinese New Year is celebrated, that a date to ‘open work’ is significant. For everyone else, next week is a working week like any other week. For Europeans, an equivalent ‘open work’ date would probably apply after the Christmas and New Year holidays, when businesses re-open after a long break.

However, it is something of a ‘tradition’ for most Chinese businesses to seek an auspicious or favourable date to start work.

Some years, it is really not easy to find good dates for businesses to recommence after Chinese New Year. This is because every year, different stars appear in the constellation and this has to be co-related with other systems of Date Selection or Ze Ri such as the 12 Day Officers, Dong Gong, Shen Sha and Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection. And of course, one has to be practical – the best date this year may not be a date which makes sense for a lot of businesses because it requires them to close for too long or it falls on a weekend.

The most practical date this year for starting work or recommencing business is the 5th day of Chinese New Year, which is February 11 2008, between 7am-9am. Here is the BaZi chart for the day for those who have an interest in Bazi and Date Selection.

Feb 11 Bazi Chart

On this day, the auspicious Duke Reward 歲祿, Duke Branch Virtue 歲支德, Monthly Virtue Combination 月德合, Earth Wealth 地財 and Brightness 活曜 auxiliary stars are present. The Precious Light 寶光Yellow Belt 黄道 star is also present.Using the Dong Gong system, this is a Balance Day平日. It is not a good day according to Dong Gong but this is resolved through the use of a good hour. This is a Xin 辛 Day, in a Wealth Structure, thus is a good day for making money or wealth-related activities. Xin favours Ren 壬, thus Ren Water must be present in the hour to complete the structure. This day results in balanced outcomes and good health, and is particularly good for the Northwest and Southeast sectors.

This is not however a day for everyone to use. If you are born in the year of the Pig, you will not be able to use this day. If you are a Ding 丁, Geng 庚 and Wu 戊 Day Master, this day’s benefits are ‘discounted’ by 50% for you. (if you do not know your Day Master, you can use my BaZi Ming Pan calculator to obtain your personal BaZi chart.)

Now, for those perfectionists out there, if you can wait, you can hold out for the best date of the Chinese New Year fortnight, which is February 18th 2008, between 9am and 11am. Here is the BaZi chart for the day for those who have an interest in Bazi and Date Selection.

Feb 18 BaZi chart

This day has a bevy of auspicious auxiliary stars - Duke Virtue 歲德, Life Generating 生氣, Benefit Descendants 益後, Auspicious Army 兵吉 兵福 兵寶, Earthly Storage 母倉 and Greater Red Embrace 大紅砂.

According to Dong Gong, this day is an Open Day and a Superior day for commencing business as there is a Green Dragon constellation in the Yellow Belt Path. In Xuan Kong Da Gua date selection, the formation is also favourable.

However, it is also not good for EVERYONE. Those born in the year of the Horse cannot use this day, and benefits are ‘discounted’ for Jia 甲, Ren 壬, Xin 辛 and Bing 丙 Day Masters. It is usable by these Day Masters, but 50% less efficacious. Life is not perfect, and not all dates I am afraid, are created equal or benefit everyone equally!

This day brings Wealth, Fame, Authority and Power and is particularly good for children or descendant luck, thus is probably better for family run businesses.

The compromise date is February 12, 2008 at 9am-11am. Now some people might wonder why I chose a Year Breaker Day. After all in my book, the Art of Date Selection, I tell people to avoid the Year Breaker Days or it will be an entire year of problems. However, I also point out that if the right hour is used, the problems of the day can be over-come. More so if the right sector is activated, by the correct person based on their year of birth.

Here is the BaZi chart for the day for those who have interest Bazi and Date Selection.

Feb 12 BaZi chart

February 12, 2008 has the following auspicious auxiliary stars: Heavenly Virtue Combo 天德合, Month Emptiness 月空, Heavenly Horse 天馬, Three Harmony 三合, Monthly Wealth 月財 and Civilian Day 民日.

According to Dong Gong, this is a superior day. In the 12 Day Officers system, it is a Stable Day which denotes smooth outcomes. Purple White’s Wealth Stars, are present in the East and South East, which also are the locations of the Annual Wealth Stars for 2008. The Xuan Kong Da Gua formation is also a good one.

Alas, Rats will not be able to benefit from this day and for those who are Ding, 丁 Wu 戊, Yi 乙 and Gui 癸 Day Masters will have to ‘discount’ the benefits from starting work on this day.

If you are amongst the fortunate ones who can use this day, you can expect a smooth year ahead, with new breakthroughs at work, and of course, an increase in wealth and assets for the year.

Do you need a lion dance or firecrackers to start the day? Not really. It adds to the festive air, but it’s not necessary. For those bosses who have declared a longer holiday, all you have to do is go in on this day, at the hour I have indicated, and ‘work’ for those two hours. That would be enough to activate the Qi.

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22 Responses to “‘Hoi Kong’ (Start Work) dates for 2008”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Greeting Joey,

    I have a great day attending your Good to Great in 2008 today. Enlightening….but also getting a bit headache as my new house renovation is 1/2 way through and my master bedroom is in south (flying star). Contractor will resume their renovation after CNY…seem like i will activate all the star good and bad since it is a major renovation…8~

    One thing..i really curious, my fengshui master analysis seem a bit different from what you stated.. E.G my gua is 6 (metal) she let me sleep in master bedroom..south ..with sleeping direction head facing NE…. I starting to doubt about her realiability… should i seek for another fengshui master consultation ? Or she employing deeper fengshui technique.. like overall house plan flying horse ..and individual rm flying horse technique…

    Anyway.. I will be looking forward meeting on the Feng Shui for Life… Happy New Year !

  2. Charlene Says:

    Hi Joey,

    I attended your Good to Great in 2008 yesterday at the Raffles. I must say I was very impressed. The ticket says ballroom so I initially expected a turn out of at most 400. But I am most shocked to see more than I think- 2000 people. Wah what a massive crowd. I didn’t realise you are so influential in Singapore. Nevetheless, I feel that it would be better if more chairs were added before the event starts so we don’t have to wait standing while the event has began for seats to be added. Other than this I think it is a great success.

    thank you and I look forward to meeting you again this August.Do you have the agenda of the seminar already?

  3. Anita Says:

    Hi Joey,

    After attending your seminar at 3 Feb 2008 at Singapore, I found that my husband and I are naturally in different Direction Group (Me is in ‘East’ group and my husband is in ‘West’ group under Eight Mansion). The result is that those ‘Good’ directions for me will become his ‘Bad’ directions automatically. Can you advise how to resolve this natural conflict ?

    I am sure this topic is of interest to many people.

    Looking forward to your reply. Thanks.

  4. Sri Says:

    Hi Sifu,
    As promised…..
    The hour for the 6th day should be Wei hour?
    You did well for the talk.

  5. Thomas Koo Says:

    Hi Joey,

    I enjoyed your seminar on 3 Feb 2008 at the Raffles City Convention Centre. You mentioned that 11th Feb and 12th Feb 2008 are good dates to start work. But in this article of yours the date to start work is only 11th Feb 2008. Could you clarify please.

  6. YH Says:

    Hi Joey,

    Attended your Good to Great 2008 session yesterday, I must say it was a great session ! Congratulations !

    Wanted to ask a question yesterday but time did not permit. Hope you can give me a quick answer here.

    I have a condo build in Period 7 (1995) , it has been stayed by different tenants. I intend to do a major renovation this coming Jun before move in to stay. Will the major renovation turn my unit into a Period 8 house ? Should I be using Period 7 or 8 Flying stars ?

    Thanks in advance.

    Wishing you a Prosperous CNY !


  7. Belinda M Says:

    Any plan to held your next conference in Penang Island ?


  8. As Suanie Sees It » gong xi fa chai! Says:

    […] Going back to hometown in… 5 minutes. 2. Feng Shui master Joey Yap wrote about ‘hoi kong’ dates on his blog. Go see. 3. I’ll be updating my Twitter more regularly now that it’s reappearing on my […]

  9. MC Says:

    This refer to the question which Thomas Koo asked. Do try reading the article again. It stated 3 good dates to start work, i.e. 11th, 12th and 18th.
    Happy CNY!

  10. Cassy Lang Says:

    Hi Joey,

    Can I ask when is the best dates this year for marriage? Is it true that a person born in the year of the Horse should not get married this year?


  11. Larry Anderson Says:

    Thanks for the great post!

  12. New Austin Says:

    Great info Master Yap. Happy Chinese New Year!

  13. Kany Kany Says:

    Dear Master Joey Yap,

    I have been to your event in KLCC and also bought many of your books. I am a big fan. As such, I would appreciate if you can give me all the good dates for the next half of the year.

    Thank You.

  14. Fan Fan Says:

    Hi Joey
    i attended your seminar last month and found it very enjoyable. This is the 1st time i have attended any of your talks and will look forward to attending more future talks by you. You are simply the best feng shui master I have ever met.

    my question is:

    can i superimpose my house chart into my room instead because I don’t own the whole apartment.
    For instance my room is in the South West sector, but if i want to receive peach blossom star, I can shift my bed to the or put a water feature on the north east side of my room?

    Fan Fan

  15. Boubacar Barry Says:

    Hiya, Thanks for the dates. I would like to start a new business on February 23. Is this a good day?

  16. Joan Wilmington Says:

    Most enlightening. Thank You.

  17. Jamie Gan Says:

    Thanks so much for this enlightening information. I’ve always thought these hoi kong dates are randomly selected. Your explanations are truly, truly, enlightening. Bravo!

  18. John Chee Says:

    my 8 Mansion has Huo Hai in E, and Wu Gui in SE; my main door facing SE1 located SE. My Guan Yin facing SE1 located SE, do I need to do anything to weaken the bad? My room door facing SW1 located N, which N is Jue Ming, what can I do? I have another 2 small rooms, RM2 room door facing SE1 located NW, RM3 room door facing NE3 located SW, shall I shift to either room or add something in present room to weaken the bad? Thank You. And my wife has 8 Mansion totally opp of mine, if change, will it affect her?

  19. Anita Says:

    Hi Joey,

    Will you answer the questions regarding 8 Mansion ? It seems that many of us are eager for your clarification and advise, after the talk.


  20. Jason Soo Says:

    Hello Anita,

    If I may, I’d like to point you to Mr Joey Yap’s books and Q and A in his website www.JoeyYap.com for answers.

    Best of luck, JS

  21. Anita Says:


    Have read some info in Joey’s website, but there is still conflict between people with different groups (East-West) when living in the same flat, even same bed but can only heading to one direction. I am East group and my hubby is West group. Which direction for the bed to head for >

  22. Naessa Lim Says:

    I have just begin to read your book of Personal Date Selection. When i do my own Bazi plotting and finding the Month Break Day i noticed that there’s no information of Branches and Stems for those extra months when i refer to the Ten Thousand Year Calender, so should i just follow the month before? Need answer urgently , cause i can ‘t wait to finish reading the book. Thanks

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