Who’s Good & Who’s Bad in 2008

My Astrology Book delves into details about the Year of the Earth Rat for each of the 12 Animals and the 60 Day Masters. I thought I’d put up a condensed 1 minute version of what the Year of the Earth Rat holds for the 12 Animals on my blog - so here it is.


If we think of the 12 animals as a sort of mafia, the first rule is to know who’s the boss. The Rat, being the Grand Duke for the Year, is the Big Kahuna for 2008. All power, authority and influence is concentrated in the hands of the Rat. Naturally, whomever is in league with the Big Kahuna of the year, is going to reap the rewards of the year. That means 2008 is 12.5 percent likely to be good for Dragons, Rats and Monkeys, as these three animals form the Water Frame Three Harmony Combination. So if you are a Dragon, Rat or Monkey, its time to up the ante and make things happen for yourself because the energies of the universe and people are on your side.

Those NOT in league with the Big Kahuna of the year, will be losing out. The Horse is most directly opposed to the Rat, as the Horse and Rat is one of the six clashes. And anyone in league with the Horse (that would be Tigers and Dogs) is naturally going to be dragged into a negative position. So all the Tigers, Horses and Dogs best lie low in 2008 and avoid trouble by simply postponing major decisions relating to career, relationships or wealth.

In a nutshell – don’t change job, change marital status or spouse, or make investments!

Each year there are also two neutral groups – this year, it is the Pig, Rabbit and Goat, which form one group, and Snake, Rooster and Ox, which form another group. Neutral groups are not really sitting on the sidelines as such, but will benefit based on what stars reside in which animal palace in the year’s star map. For example, the Emperor Star resides in the Goat sector this year, which means Goats will have opportunities when it comes to fame and heightened profile or status. As the Ox and Rat is one of the Six Combinations, Oxen will also benefit in the year of the Rat. But as the Three Harmony Combination is more powerful than a simple Combination, the Monkey and Dragons will benefit more. Rabbits have the Money Star in the Rabbit Palace, but this is only good for those who are not in partnerships.

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9 Responses to “Who’s Good & Who’s Bad in 2008”

  1. natashakhm Says:

    Hi Joey,

    First time attending your seminars and I must say, u are a great speaker. I thoroughly enjoyed your talk although I wasn’t quite a believer of fengshui. Metaphysics however, makes more sense to me now. Look fwd to reading more of your blog posts. :o)

  2. Joey Yap Says:

    Thanks for your support. :-)

  3. Gary Says:

    Dear Joey,

    When is the best day to start our business for this lunar year?

  4. Fotiny Says:

    Hello again . I have to say that i am a bit worry. Since me and my husband are Fire Horses and we are looking forward to buy our own first home , would you say that we should not? Plus i just got promoted to Chef Garde-Manger to a restaurant and the Head Chef hates it . That means that every time he is doing wrong to my work , i should keep it quite? Thank you for your wisdom.

  5. Joey Yap Says:

    Gary - dates for CNY commencement of business will be posted on my blog soon. Check back in a few days.

  6. Linda Says:

    Hi Joey,

    I have read a few of your books on bazi analysis. For a general fortune reading , which pillar do you read? the year pillar? if my year is dragon and hour is tiger, does that mean that career wise is so so but otherwise its good?

  7. Jana Says:

    Hi Joey,
    some time ago searching feng shui and ba zi information I found on the net your www pages and books…..I have bought nearly all of them. I would like to thank you, now lots of information make sense to me….I am looking forward to your other books and hopefully sometime visit your seminars. Best regards from the Czech Republic!

  8. Felix Says:

    Hi Joey

    I recently finished reading 2 of your books, Feng Shui for Homebuyers Interior and Exterior, and I find that they are very helpful and informative. Your approach is truly unique and I find that you are genuine because you do not promote the use of items and goodluck charms like many others. Please keep up the good work.



  9. Funky Girl Says:

    thank you so much for your insights.

    You have dispel all the bullshit pop feng shui shit. I use to be so into dat. Now I am free! I am liberated!!!

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