Ratting on the Prosperity Rat

This interesting article appeared in the Star newspaper on the 11th January 2008.

And just in case anyone’s wondering - it’s an Earth Rat this year, not a Golden Rat. So does that mean the Clay Rats bring better luck?

I don’t think so!

Anyone who actually thinks that they need to have some kind of Rat in their home, in order to benefit in the year of the Rat, should save their money. Rats (and other rodents like mice) are practically IN every home anyway. So there’s no need to really go out and buy one.

The Star also carried an article on Hamster Sales in 2008! Apparently, sales of pet hamsters are expected to go up in 2008 in accordance with the year of the Rat,as people buy hamsters, to welcome in the Year of the Rat.

I am sure you can see there is no logic in the notion that hamsters, rats, mice or Mickey can somehow be good luck. By logical extension, we will need pet Goats in the year of the Goat and pet Snakes in the year of the Snake. And where on earth will we find a Dragon for the year of the Dragon?

Now I know for most people, it’s all for a bit of fun, and I’m sure no one out there really believes that making a pet of the Animal of the Year will bring good luck. However, considering everything nowadays is linked to Feng Shui (Garden Feng Shui, Car Feng Shui, Salon Feng Shui), I wouldn’t put it beyond someone to try to market some kind of ‘Pet Feng Shui’. (In case you are wondering, NO, there is no such thing as Pet Feng Shui or pets being beneficial to Feng Shui or your astrological state of luck. )

Being a pet owner myself, I deplore any use of Feng Shui that ends up promoting irresponsible pet ownership by encouraging people to ‘update their auspicious pets’ every year or encouraging people who normally would not be keen on the commitment of a pet to buy a pet simply because it ‘might’ be lucky.

If you really want to benefit from the Year of the Rat, do it without buying a rat, a hamster or a rodent of any sort and focus instead on using the positive energy sectors of your home. It doesn’t cost a thing, and it doesn’t leave a messy trail!

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2 Responses to “Ratting on the Prosperity Rat”

  1. MarinaQ Says:

    I did find some logics in your sayings.. and I do agree with you! …may be in the year of DRAGON, we can sought for petting someone born in the year of DRAGON instead? hehehe… “P

  2. Liza M. Li Says:

    I think the kind of people who sell these supposedly “lucky items” are merely capitalizing on people who are always looking for the “quick fix.” In other words, they see a demand for it and they sell it. So, does this make it the seller’s fault? The most frustrating thing for me is when people ask me to look at their house or ask me about Feng Shui and ask me to give them something to make the problem go away or to make something happen–like magic. For instance, when my husband and I got married and decided to buy a house, his mother decided on which house to buy (since she’s the mother and all), which happened to have bad Feng Shui. To avoid conflict, I decided to let her live in our very first house and my husband and I rented another to live in. Almost every month she will have a new item installed and tells us to move back in and that she fixed the problem….you should see this house, it looks like a temple or something.

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