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Those of you who have been waiting for the second half of my annual forecast on the Feng Shui of 2007, here it is, with apologies for the slight delay. Nonetheless I hope you’ve found the last two articles relating to the Burj Al Arab in Dubai a fun diversion. A Feng Shui holiday if you like.

This week, I’ll be delving into the positive sectors for the year, and how you can, with some simple efforts, tap into the positive energies of the year. I think it’s more important always to be positive minded about Feng Shui than negative minded - in other words, work with the good parts that you can do something about and don’t worry about fixing the bad parts.

Often people under-estimate the importance of prevention and avoidance when it comes to Feng Shui, because they have a ‘cure-it’ mentality. But like all doctors will say, prevention is better than cure. Not curing the negative sectors of your home is not a problem if you can avoid using them. That’s even better than curing the sector.

Now, a little ‘trade secret’ tip. The key to unlocking the Qi in your property is to remember this simple pointer: good sector = use more; bad sector = avoid or use less. Use more means spend time in that sector or room - watch tv, read, sleep or work there. Avoid or use less means if possible, do not sleep or spend long periods of time in that sector or room.

Golden Boar or Fire Boar?

You may have read that this year is a lucky year to have a child because it is a ‘Golden Boar’ year. In fact, this is incorrect. I think it could be a misprint from a Taiwanese publication, citing 2007 as a ‘Golden’ Boar year. Or possibly, Golden may have been erroneously taken to mean ‘Metal’ in this case. The most recent Metal Boar year was 1971, which was the year of Xin Hai. And strictly speaking, in order to actually have a Metal Boar child, the child must be born on the day of the Metal Boar or Xin Hai. 2007 according to the Chinese solar calendar, which is used for all major Feng Shui and BaZi calculations, is the year of Ding Hai or Fire Boar.

The year of the Fire Boar of course, is already upon us as the changeover to the year of the Boar, from the year of the Dog, was on 4th February 2007. So those of you who recently had a baby, if your child was born after 4th February 2007, under the solar calendar and for BaZi calculation purposes, you are in fact the proud parents of a bouncing little Boar baby!

Despite the fact that the changeover has taken place, it is not too late to make some adjustments. Qi is not, as I frequently tell my clients and students, to be treated like the office employee. Qi does not ‘clock in’ and ‘clock out’ exactly on the transition dates. So even though we are already in the year of the Boar, the energies or Qi of the year will take time to build to their optimum. Similarly, in the tail end of the Dog year, the energies of the Boar year will already begin to subtly make themselves felt. If you know some BaZi and have analysed your own chart, you may already start to notice the impact of the Hai (Boar) in the year, creeping in as early as the Ox month, which was January 2007.

So, let’s find out what are the positive sectors for the year 2007 and how you can make use of them best in the year of the Fire Boar.


Aim for the #1, #8 and #9 Stars

The auspicious stars for the year 2007 are located in the following sectors: East, Southeast and the Southwest. Depending on what your goals are in 2007, you should look to make the most use of the appropriate energies. The trick in Feng Shui is not to try to enhance everything, or enhance only the money sectors. Sometimes, it’s important to consider the objectives you would like to have in 2007, and then use the appropriate sector. For example, if you have a big business deal pending, but the relationship is wobbly, working in the West, which is where the #4 star is, and which is good for relationships, may be more helpful than just going for the #8 Wealth Star, especially if your deal involves leveraging on a connection.

Here’s a breakdown of the individual sectors:

East Sector - this is a good sector to use if you are looking to start up something new or go in a new direction - it is also the secondary wealth sector for the year. The energies of the East are generally favourable for new ventures and new beginnings. Those with offices in the East should be pro-active in seeking a promotion this year. The energies of the East are also generally good for those looking for romantic relationship luck or those looking to conceive - they should if possible, sleep in an East bedroom to get the best benefits of this energy. For business owners looking to tap into the secondary wealth energies, a Main Door here is a good set-up, or you can place a water feature like a simple aquarium in the East can help stimulate the Qi here. Gua #3 and #4 persons using this sector will benefit the most.

Southwest - this is the primary Wealth location for the year and so those with a Main Door in this sector will generally have good outcomes with their financial endeavours. Don’t have a Main Door here? No big deal. Remember the tip? Use it! Use it! Use it! Put your TV here. Business owners - have meetings in the South West sector of your office if you can. Otherwise, a water feature here can also help a little (not of course as good as natural water, but one has to make do).

Southeast - this sector is favourable for those in artistic and literary fields but is also generally favourable for career development and modest wealth pursuits. This is a good sector to use in the office, especially if you are an employee, as your efforts and hard work will be recognised by superiors and you will find you are well-supported in your endeavours by those above and below you.

In addition to these three sectors, there are also two other sectors that are usable in the year - the West sector is generally best for children facing exams and can be used as a study. Thinking about writing a novel? Look for inspiration in the West. This is also a good sector for couples to use, and is also generally favourable for singles looking for romantic prospects.

Annual energies or long-term energies?

Annual forecasts are part and parcel of the Feng Shui practice but it is important to understand that annual forecasts represents a very short-term outlook - using the annual energies should be to provide just a little perk-up or boost. It is always ultimately better to go with a long-term outlook, which is the approach that most clients will get in a Feng Shui consultation. The reason for this is simple: you don’t want to keep playing musical bedrooms and hopping from cubicle to cubicle just to tap the annual energies.

Admittedly, I have some students who do this - tap the annual stars and even the monthly stars. We call this ‘star chasing’. But really it is not practical for most people and ultimately, a long-term setup is not just more practical, but yields better results ultimately.

Next week, in tandem with the lunar Chinese New Year celebrations, I will share with you some good dates for starting work post-CNY and some insights into the science of date selection.

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