The Pig Tail or the Rat’s Nose?

Come February 4th 2008, we will officially enter the Year of the Earth Rat (Wu Zi 戊 子)

When the energies change over, it is not quite like microwaved food where one minute its uncooked and after 20 seconds of zapping, it is cooked. It is not the case that come February 4th 2008, DING, suddenly, good goes to bad, and bad goes to good. Horse year people don’t SUDDENLY experience an overnight change in fortunes. When the annual energies change over, it is a graduated process – like the changing of the seasons. Autumn doesn’t go to winter overnight. It transitions slowly.

One thought on people’s minds might be - are we feeling the Rat now in the month of January 2008? Or is the Pig still holding court?

Whatever energies that are in force at the moment are definitely influenced by the Rat and increasingly less by the Pig as we move towards February 4th 2008. It may still be the year of the Fire Pig, but the Qi that prevails at the moment is definitely the nose of the Rat, rather than the Tail of the Pig.

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