Wood Water: Good Guy or Bad Guy?

地理人子須知 (Di Li Ren Zi Xu Zhi), a San He classic, warns of Wood Water being the cause of dual harm.

Yet, in 入地眼 Entering Earth Eye, a classical text on Forms, it is stated that Wood Water is good.

Who is right? Or is this yet another case of two classics that don’t make sense and contradictory classical Feng Shui techniques?

On the contrary, there is no contradiction. Both the texts are right. It is a question of context.

In 地理人子須知 (Di Li Ren Zi Xu Zhi), Wood Water means water that is straight and that does not meander. Examples of Water that fall into the category of Wood Water according to this text include straight roads, Cutting Feet Water and fast moving water that is directed straight at the property, or which moves away from the property in a straight line. In San He, Wood Water means water that looks like a penbrush – it is long, straight and usually made out of Wood!

Wood Water

入地眼 Entering Earth Eye, in a different section, mentions Wood as having the appearance of being gnarled and knotted. Thus, when it subsequently refers to Wood Water in another section, it is essentially talking about water that has small tributaries, or little offshoots, which make it sentimental and meander.

Wood Water can be good or can be negative. It depends on what your definition of Wood is right?

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