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Difference between “NEW AGE” & CLASSICAL Feng Shui

Have to get up so early in the morning to begin filming the CNY special for Astro. This is the second day of shooting. One of the interesting questions that came up yesterday during the shoot was whether one needs to “believe” in Feng Shui in order for it to work.

To which I explained the difference between “NEW AGE” a…nd CLASSICAL Feng Shui. In New Age or POP Feng Shui, where the system is based on so-called made-in-china good luck objects, ornaments or trinkets … well the answer is YES. I think you probably need to ‘believe’ in them for them to work as these man-made objects do not generate Qi on their own. They are just decorative items.

In Classical Feng Shui - where we focus on alignment of Qi from the natural environment (direction, location, time, land formation, water formation) - the answer would be NO. You do not need to ‘believe’ in nature in order for nature to work. The energy (Qi) is there and you are already affected by it knowingly or unknowingly. Classical Feng Shui is about understanding how Qi works in our natural environment and learning how to harness them.

There were many interesting questions that were raised and answered on the show. But the main focus would be on the Feng Shui, Astrology, Face Reading and Date Selection for the Metal Tiger Year.

The show will be aired on Feb 12 to 17 daily at 7.30pm on Wah Lai Toi. (BTW, you guys will see me in a new hairdo since hair is sponsored by A Cut Above. :-) ).

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