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The Blood Test

bloodtest.jpgThis morning I went for a medical check up. I haven’t done one in years. I hate medical check ups. There are two things I hate most about medical check ups:

1. I hate the blood test. I dunno why. Everytime I do a blood test – I feel extremely giddy. Almost to the point of blacking out for about 5 minutes. I hate that feeling.

2. I hate the nurses. No, don’t get me wrong. I’m sure they are very nice people. Unfortunately, they are also very nosy. And unfortunately, they’ve watched my TV program. And they keep asking me for freebies while I’m busy fainting after my blood test.

I can’t understand their fascination with me going to get a medical check up. They seem to be under the impression that Joey Yap doesn’t need to see doctors. What’s wrong with these people?? - they actually think Feng Shui masters are supposed to live forever. She actually said to me in her broken English - ‘I thought you good Feng Shui? - Won’t get sick right?’

I’m wanted to tell her … hey I’m mortal too! In case you don’t know – I also fall sick and may actually die just like the rest of you nosy people. But of course, I was too scared to say anything … just in case the needle is more painful. Yeah, I have a major weakness for blood tests. I see blood – I faint. I’m pathetic.

I think the average person seem to have a very unusual impression of Feng Shui practitioners. They seem to think that we are from a different planet. (Sometimes I think if I told them my shit is green they’d probably believe me). They perceive us as being mysterious. And they are always curious to see us at clinics.

Hmm - just because I’m a Feng Shui practitioner doesn’t mean I can’t get a medical check up right? While Feng Shui can certainly help with our health and improve our healing abilities - it does not mean that we are totally immune to all illnesses and it certainly does not mean that we can live forever. Can doctors live forever? Can doctors get sick too?

I think the problem is the major public don’t have a good understanding of what Feng Shui is and isn’t. Guess I just have to work harder in bringing Feng Shui literacy to the masses.

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Altering Your Future

3 years ago a student of mine, Sri Mulyadi, gave me a book - The Alchemist. She told me to read it as it would shed some light on my personal journey in Metaphysics. Somehow, over the last 3 years I’ve never touched that book. Not because I didn’t value her gift, but somehow I just didn’t have the time and …you know … I never really saw the need to read a ’spiritual’ book. Not that I don’t believe in Spirituality, it’s just that I’ve always felt that I wasn’t that spiritual and hence, never saw the need to read such a book. To be fair …I did have it as an item on my ‘to-do list’ …but at the very bottom. Haha … perhaps the time wasn’t right for me then.

I moved to my new home last year and that book was packed into one of my 30 odd boxes of old books and is, I think, permanently lost. Until my recent lightning trip to Hong Kong (you know, one of those fly in, stay 2 nights and fly off type) I saw that book at the KLIA bookstore. Somehow this time I said to myself, I owe it to my student as I promised her I’d read this book. So I bought the book. (yah the free one - I’ve lost. Now I have to fork out $$ to buy a new one …must be karma). Ok …maybe this new cover was nicer. I have a weakness for beautiful book covers. I dunno why. :-)

I must say - The Alchemist - is truly an enlightening story. I know now why I had to wait 3 years before I could read this book. I wasn’t ready then. Because had I read this earlier it would not have been relevant to my journey. There were many parts of the story that I could relate to. In my own journey in life, my never-ending quest for knowledge, my tribulations, falls, pain and successes. It’s a simple book with a simple idea but I find it very fascinating. And I could see it’s relevance from the Chinese Metaphysics perspective.

Just before I go to bed tonight … I wish to highlight a small segment from the book where there’s this seer who is a specialist in casting twigs to forecast the future. (Just like how we practitioners use the coins to cast the Yi Jing (I-Ching) hexagrams for the same purpose). The conversation between the camel driver and this seer relates a lot on how Metaphysics - especially sciences like Yi Jing (i-Ching) or BaZi Astrology works.

Here’s the except:

“I want to know about the future because I’m a man.” the camel driver had said to the seer, “And men always live their lives based on the future.” The seer was a specialist in the casting of twigs; he threw on the ground, and made interpretations based on how they fell. That day, he didn’t make a cast. He wrapped the twigs in a piece of cloth and put them back in his bag.

” I make my living forecasting the future for people,” he said. “I know the science of the twigs, and I know how to use them to penetrate to the place where all is written. There, I can read the past, discover what has already been forgotten, and understand the omens that are here in the present.

When people consult me, it’s not that I’m reading the future, I am guessing at the future. The future belongs to God, and it is only he who reveals it, under extraordinary circumstances. How do I guess at the future? Based on the omens of the present.

The secret is here in the present. If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it. And, if you improve on the present, what comes later will also be better…

The camel driver had asked what the circumstances were under which God would allow him to see the future. “Only when he, himself reveals it … it is for only one reason: it’s a future that was written so as to be altered.”.

Here’s how I reflected on this short story…. This segment reflects that we are all govern by a Higher Power (God) or some would say the Universe, The Heavens or the Source and that there are techniques to access what is planned ahead (like the twigs - in Chinese Metaphysics we use Yi Jing Divination or in Astrology, we use BaZi or Zi Wei)… we can study the patterns and ‘penetrate the place where all is written’.

Though we may ‘guesstimate’ the most probable future from our readings…but the real future hasn’t really happened yet. We have the element of ‘free will’. We can still make conscious choices. Hence, if we truly want to ALTER the future, the secret is in what we do (or don’t do) in the present. And the future can be altered (despite whatever is written in your BaZi or in your YiJing Hexagram), because it’s meant to be altered as permitted by the Universe.

How do we know that it’s meant for us to know and for us to alter the future? Simple - when there is a need or urge inside us to know or discover ourselves, and when we seek answers and where answers are given. We know that we can change the future when we make an effort to learn what we are capable of achieving, improve ourselves and decide to live life to the full.

Is the future fated? Perhaps only some bits. But if you are successful in discovering your future (through careful study of Metaphysics), this means, it’s meant for YOU to alter the outcome. Otherwise, where it is not permitted by the Universe (or God), you will NOT be able to see your future anyway. The fact that we’ve got an affinity (or good karma) with this science of BaZi or Yi Jing means we are meant to learn the ways to change things for the better. The role WE play in our own future is huge.

So let’s study our own BaZi charts once again!. Perhaps we’d find more clues to access our future and make it brighter!! Remember - to make tomorrow a better day, the secret is in the present . :-)

Good night,


ps: Get a copy of The Alchemist.

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Destined to Die?

MJIt’s funny that so many beginning students of BaZi seem to be obsessed with finding out “when will someone die” or “why someone died” from a BaZi chart. Since my posting on MJ’s chart yesterday– already some are asking why can’t I predict MJ’s death and warn him in advance.

Firstly, my points in my previous post were made in reference to his dance talent. At no point did I attempt to analyse WHY he died at 50 or HOW he died, NOR did I claim I could have seen it in his chart earlier. Secondly, even if I could calculate and predict his premature death date, how the heck will I be able to warn him?! (Are u nuts?) I don’t have his private cellphone number you know. And thirdly, in the extreme remote event that I could get in touch with him, what makes you think he would he have listened to me?

I get rather annoyed sometimes with silly comments / questions like these. And I get these all the time in my emails or seminars. (Sorry guys, this is my personal fb page, so I guess I could speak my mind and do away with the niceties, hope you don’t mind me being open about how I feel).

Frankly speaking - it’s quite hard to pinpoint the exact date of death from the BaZi chart. Most of the time, we could only “guestimate” the possible period, never exactly down to the moment. I actually thought this ‘may’ only happen to him in his next luck pillar, which he crosses in 2010. I did not expect it would happen earlier then.

In fact, just a week before his death, I was jokingly telling my friend (who is a member of this fanpage as well) that the reason I’ve bought tickets to his This Is It tour for July 14 is because I believe he won’t last very long based on his chart. (BTW I bought VIP tickets, 3rd row from the stage …haha …yeah I’m big fan, what can I say). So, honestly, nope, I did not see it in his chart that he would die suddenly on June 25. (If I did I would have sold off my tickets before and made 3x the money hahah … just kidding) Of course, now looking at it in retrospect I can come up with so many ‘explanations’ on why this happened, but what’s the use?

Exact death date is extremely hard to predict. Not that it can never be done. It’s just very, very hard and tedious to do. That’s why most practitioners don’t bother doing it. I think somehow, if the Heavens forbid such information to be seen or told, no matter how meticulous you are in your reading, you’d still somehow miss out on the obvious information.

On retrospect, yeah, of course it’s easy to see this in a chart. Anyone can say this. But had I seen this earlier in MJ’s chart? Nope. Not with absolutely certainty at least. I wasn’t even paying attention to this aspect of the reading at all. What was obvious to me was the health problems. But no, I wasn’t expecting it to be that serious - leading to a homicide on June 25. I mean, c’mon, we don’t even have to look at his chart to know this, he was 50 and he was going through his ‘Nose Luck’ from a Face Reading point of view -what could this blatantly tell us? (Nose governs age 41 to 50).

Of course, I was only reading his chart for fun and not seriously. Like most people studying BaZi would be especially if you are a MJ fan. But the reading was done so long ago. I couldn’t even remember the details. But had he been a client of mine on the other hand, then yeah, of course I would have paid much more attention to details. Perhaps it could be avoided. But who knows? I can’t tell you for sure I would be able to pick this homicide incident up. (I’d probably be too star struck if I saw him in person to do any reading:-) )

There are many variables in a death date calculation. For instance – one needs to be in the wrong place, wrong time, doing the wrong thing – to have caused death.

And plus – people don’t always die in ‘bad luck’ pillars. That’s the problem. Some people do die during ‘good luck’ pillars and MJ is, arguably, one of them. It really depends on what you define as good luck and bad luck of course.

Technically – he got what he set out to achieve with this comeback tour. He’s now the No.1 selling artist in the world and loved by all once again. Not to mention he’s managed to clear up all his financial issues. And before this, there were zillions of journalists out there ridiculing and belittling him. Now, it’s cool to be a MJ fan once again! Yeah he came back alright. He succeeded alas. Only one small problem - he didn’t come back alive.

Well, think about it this way … did MJ really die? I think he’s immortal now. People will remember MJ forever. People will love him forever. How many people can achieve this? So is Bing Yin 丙寅 a good or bad LP? You think about it.

If death could be clearly pinpointed, this means BaZi (and other forms of Astrology) is a ‘fatalistic’ study. It would mean that everything is destined from the start. If so, then why bother to study this science in the first place?

Some may say ‘if I know when I would die, I could prepare for it.’ Well, I have news for you – you’d surely die someday. It doesn’t matter when, but we all will eventually. So why not be prepared ALWAYS and live life to the full? Then you’d have no regrets when it happens. ☺
I believe your BaZi (your destiny) is not fated.

Nothing about destiny is truly carved in stone. There is always room for change and improvement. Hence, it is up to you to decide on your own outcome in life based on what you’ve been given (based on your chart) from the start. Ah yes …of course no one said it’s going to be easy. :-)

Had MJ not practiced his dance moves and fulfill the minimum 10,000-hour rule to perfect his craft, do you think he could be the King of Pop? A chart merely tells you what talents or capabilities you were born with. It does not guarantee your absolute success. Your level of success is much determined by your actions and the choices you make.

So my advice is – don’t focus on how to read ‘death’ in the BaZi chart. Focus on how to be the best you can be instead! Focus on ways to maximize your capabilities and talents in your chart (which is God given) and live life to the full! Ultimately it’s not how long you live, it’s how well you live your life.

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Michael Jackson – Part 1: The Dance and The Hour

Michael Jackson BaZi Chart

MJ’s talent in dancing can be attributed to the 3 growth stars he has in his chart. Of course, this is not the only reason obviously, but one of the main reasons. The clash between Tiger and Monkey gives him the break-dance-like robotic moves and especially that anti-gravity footwork! Growth Stars are known as “Sky Horses” – they represent quick reflexes, speed, agility and grace. Elvis Presley, has similar configuration in his chart. These ‘Growth Stars’ seem to appear in many artist who can do fancy dance moves like Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, James Brown and Usher. Of course, none can compare to the configuration of Michael Jackson’s.

We shouldn’t focus on the clash right now. No doubt, a clash to the marriage palace, as we all know, is not the most ideal situation when we read marriages/relationships. But this is the not the focus of my post today.

Some quick thoughts on Growth Stars and the Hour Pillar:

• Growth Stars are also Sky Horse stars. They denote movement and wealth as a result of traveling. Did you know that MJ’s concert world tours were mainly held OUTSIDE USA? Even the last one that was not to be, was promised in London - again outside his home country. He was already achieving what they call ‘Stadium Status’ back in the 80s outside of the USA, way before Jay-Z, Kanye West and Beyonce can do in their home country today!

• His albums sell all over the world! More than 750 million copies in total I heard. Do you think just 2 Growth Stars (without the “Wealth Star”– Pig) would have made him the biggest selling artist of all time?

• The Gui Hai 癸亥 (Water Pig) hour pillar – is the final pillar of the 60 Jia Zi. This pillar is the smallest ….or you could say the ‘youngest’ of the lot. He loves children and is, himself, very child-like as we know. (As you can see, his DM combines with the Hour Pillar totally – in a Heaven and Earth combo). If you’ve attended my class before, you’d know that the “Hour Pillar” is also known as the Desire and Aspiration Palace. What does this piece of information tell you? ☺

• The 寅 Tiger inside the “spouse/home” palace is also part of the Gen Gua 艮卦. Which represents young children. With a combo-destruction happening between his spouse (or home) palace with his children palace – we can see the disastrous events that took place in 2003 (a Gui Wei 癸未year) where the 未Wei (Goat) fights to combine away the 亥 Hai (Pig) and contaminating it in the process. (All this has got to do with “children” – hence the children palace). 戊 Wu and 癸 Gui is, after all known as the ‘merciless combination’.

• One must not forget Michael Jackson has a very soft spoken, gentle, quiet personality off stage. A typical weak Wu Earth 戊土Day Master nature. When he steps onto the stage, he literally transforms into another person! The electrifying persona takes over. Almost a totally different personality! This is very strong evidence of a Wu-Gui combination - Transforming Qi dual personality. (In BaZi, the stage represents Fire element. And on it, it helps the transformation become successful! Fire is also his favorable element. Hence on stage – MJ is untouchable! He is the King of Pop!)

• IMHO had he been born at 11.30am like some reports claim then he would already have 午 Horse hour, 寅 Tiger Day and 戌 Dog year – making a Fire Structure. This means - a Resource star element would already be dominant in his chart from birth. A resource structure will not have the same “killing qi”…. that super-confident, electrifying persona on stage. Resource is relaxed, shy and slow. You won’t get those lighting spins and anti-gravity moonwalk from ever present, strong Resource element.

• Wu戊-Gui癸 combination relationship usually have the following attributes:
o Ladies – marries younger husband.
o Man – marries older women.
o Of course this does not always mean real “marriage”. This is just what is stated in the old books. In reality, that could mean that the man is constantly surrounded by or is attracted to, or is helped by older women.
o In this case - think – Elizabeth Taylor, Brooke Shields, Diana Ross.

Anyway, there many, many more points we can find to elaborate further. His talent is obviously related to his Geng Shen Eating God 食神 Star structure. But this will be a topic for another time. So much information and we haven’t even gone into the 10 Gods, the structure, or even the strength of the Day Master yet.

There’s just so many, many fascinating aspects we can learn from MJ’s chart alone. For example – we can see why the world is so attracted to him and his life, we can see why he choose to do plastic surgery, why he speaks and behaves the way he does, his skin problems, what inspires him to write the songs he write and what’s he’s like as a person.

Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time right now. (I’m juggling between consults and working on a manuscript for a new book – burning the midnight oil as usual). I will continue to post my input on MJ’s chart whenever I’m free (or when the total members of this fbpage hits 2000 ..hehe ☺ you guys know what to do for me ya ? ☺ ). In the meantime, please enjoy and continue to participate and provide your comments on the above aspects I mentioned. I’ll chip in whenever I can.



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Strong Day Master Meeting Wealth Star

It is merely a general concept - that a Strong DM seeing Wealth Stars brings good fortune. There are many ways a DM can be considered ’strong’ and each will have a different reaction/outcome when they meet their Wealth stars.

For instance - a Metal day master that is ‘technically’ strong as a result of Resource - is not really ’strong’. It just looks strong. (Strong Earth, especially dry Earth, buries Metal rather than produces it]. It’s what we call a fake outlook. In real life, the person would merely be ‘looking good but going nowhere’. The person would think very highly of him/herself, but is actually not achieving anything significant. Lives in a world of make-believe. He/She is prone to chasing unrealistic dreams and not listen to good advice (this is a typical strong Resource problem).

Now, when this Day Master meets its Wealth Stars - do you think it can actually control the Wealth Star? Technically, a strong Day Master CAN control the wealth star. BUT is this Day Master ‘really’ strong in the first place? So this becomes a situation where the person ‘thinks’ he/she can, but in actual fact, doesn’t have any substance, strategy, talent or real ability to achieve. He or she is merely positively bluffing him/herself. The Wealth star’s presence merely distorts his or her emotions, presenting many ideas but no real execution plan.

Wealth Stars to guys is also considered the relationship stars. In situation like this, it would be wrong to interpret that the person will enjoy good relationship and should get married.

Getting married in this period could be disastrous! Why? (Think about the relationship between the Wealth Star and the Resource Star :-) )

[to be continued]

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