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Covering your BaGua Bases…

You get all kinds of innovative ideas in Hong Kong when it comes to implementing Feng Shui. Some of it is genuine out of the box thinking, real innovation when it comes to applying the principles of the Classics. Then you get stuff that really is just…stretching it.Saw this in a shopping mall in Hong Kong. I don’t even know how to begin to describe it except it seems to be well, some kind of BaGua Water Feature.


I can understand why for the average person, it is so easy to be confused as to whether or not a cure works. After all, when something is shrouded in mystery, how do you know what is real and what is not?

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Around the World in a Few Months

Well, it turns out that I’ve been away much longer than anticipated. If I talked about things being insanely hectic in my last entry back in April, but I suppose I could say (with all the wisdom of hindsight) that I didn’t have a clue about what I was talking about then. Things since then have progressed to a level of busy-ness that is surely not normal, never mind insane. The opportunities to blog, admittedly, have been very, very slim.

And that’s just my long-winded way of offering a sincere apology for the extended silence on my part.

The past few months have involved a lot of travel, which contributed greatly to my inability to blog as consistently as I would have liked. As mentioned in the most recent post, my students and I were away in China for 7 days in April. I won’t talk too much about it, as you can read all about it here.

Suffice to say, although I’ve been doing this annually since 2004, each time I set foot in China I’m excited all over again like I’m there for the first time. I can see it on my student’s faces, too. Even though China offers a lot of rough-and-tumble inconveniences for city-bred folk like the lot of us, there is still something inspiring and energizing about being there – especially when you’re able to observe ‘Feng Shui in action,’ as it were.

One of the other places to which I traveled was Australia, specifically the areas in and around the Gold Coast.

I thought it was interesting that while I was away, Australia made the local news headlines. It seems that we’re looking at closer bilateral relations between the two countries.

Having also spent a good part of my university years in Australia, I can probably say that this is a good time as any for Malaysia and Australia to focus on strengthening their ties, because both seem to be in possession of relatively easygoing and mild-mannered Prime Ministers!

While my trips to Australia are always fun, I have to say that I’m quite often relieved to be back in Malaysia again – something about the relaxing pace of life over there starts to become a chore after awhile. Then, I gradually start to miss my office and the crazy bustle of KL… I suppose that’s why that old cliché, “Home is where the heart is,” always rings true!


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