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The Blog Conundrum

What is Blog in BaZi-Speak?

A couple of readers wrote in to ask me why I classified a blog as Gui Wei 癸未 in my first posting, Blogging, Feng Shui and Fengshuilogy.

Blogs, as most of you know, started as sort of online diaries, and then have somehow become a sort of in-between diary, journal and op-ed column. Some people actually make money from their blogs, and there are companies out there which specialise in blogging software or provide blogging infrastructure services. But how do we define a blog in Metaphysical terms?

This requires a deconstruction exercise wherein the objective is to try and find one of the 60 Jia Zi or Day Pillars, that represents what we are trying to define.

A blog is similar to a website, but is more like a diary.

Web and Internet-related industries or jobs usually are Fire element, as they are electronic in nature. Now, since the Internet is highly visible, and most of the information is free, we can say it has Bing Fire-like qualities. Websites on the other hand, are about the spread and dissemination of information, so in this respect, are more like Ding 丁Fire. Thus, blogs would be Ding Fire. As blogs are thoughts, ramblings, musings or platforms to put forth opinions, the blogger, is Gui  癸 Water as Gui controls Ding. The random nature of blogs (they can be on any topic, they are often sporadically updated, some are serious, others are frivolous) is very close to the concept of Gui Water controlling Ding Fire.

Now, there are six types of Gui Water. So the next step, having derived the elements involved in blogs and blogging, would be to pin down the Jia Zi or Day Pillar which represents blogs and blogging. This is where the BaZi consultants skill in pictoral application of BaZi, comes into play.

In Advanced BaZi, each of the 60 Jia Zi or Day Pillars, can be perceived in pictorial form. This method is essential in enabling the consultant to link objects, places, people, character, businesses and jobs, to the 60 Jia Zi, and thereby, link a person’s affinity to that particular business or industry. The classics of course provide us with some descriptions, but these are limited because well, the world wasn’t as big as it was then! But the pillars themselves, indeed, Metaphysics, is not inherently self-limiting, so it is just a question of consultants learning to apply the principles to new situations.

Now, the pillar Gui Wei comes closest to the concept of a blog. In Gui Wei, the Ding Fire is hidden – it represents something that is unseen. The Internet technically does not exist in tangible form. Gui Water is on top, indicating ideas and thoughts are exposed, as in a blog. Yet this Gui Water is not rooted, indicating the ideas and thoughts are transient in nature. Gui is also erratic, unpredictable and emotional, similar in tone to many blogs.

Classically, Gui Wei is seen as an emotional pillar, representing thoughts, wisdom and ideas on top, with Fire and Wood at the bottom representing passion, spreading ideas, growth, but also a certain fickleness. Yi 乙Wood is regarded in classical BaZi thought as elementally representative of writing, scholarly and academic endeavours ad being twines or roots beneath the ground, are spreading and pervasive. Ji 己Earth represents 10 thousand things, from the mundane to the deeply provocative. Again, all this in my view, captures the essence of blogging and blogs.

In the process, I also considered alternatives like Gui Chou 癸丑 and Ding Wei 丁未. Gui Chou however, was eliminated because it does not contain the element of Fire. Fire is required because Fire represents passion, and in order to be willing to share your thoughts publicly, or at least, write about what you feel, you have to be passionate about it. Also, musings, ramblings, and in some respects, opinions that seek to influence or change ideas (which are what some blogs are about) have a distinctly Ding Fire quality.

For this reason, I also considered Ding Wei as a possible pillar that could describe blogs. Ding Wei has the Ding Fire rooted in the Branch, and also it has the Na Yin of Water. However, as there is no actual Water in the pillar and only in the Na Yin, this means the thoughts are only felt, but not exposed. This is contrary to the situation in a blog, where one’s thoughts, no matter how significant or mundane, appear for public consumption.

To help confirm the viewpoint, sometimes we may look at historical or key events, and use a little reverse engineering. 2003 was the year of Gui Wei and that was the year when Google bought, which arguably could be said to be the year when blogging landed on the mainstream radar. It is also interesting to note that 1999, the year of Ji Mao 己卯, is often seen as a key turning point year for blog usage and blogging.

Those of you who would like to have some fun with deconstruction may want to ponder Amazon, which we would read as  Hai 亥 (aha, but what is on top?) and EBay which is Chou 丑.

Happy Deconstructing!

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Who’s Good & Who’s Bad in 2008

My Astrology Book delves into details about the Year of the Earth Rat for each of the 12 Animals and the 60 Day Masters. I thought I’d put up a condensed 1 minute version of what the Year of the Earth Rat holds for the 12 Animals on my blog - so here it is.


If we think of the 12 animals as a sort of mafia, the first rule is to know who’s the boss. The Rat, being the Grand Duke for the Year, is the Big Kahuna for 2008. All power, authority and influence is concentrated in the hands of the Rat. Naturally, whomever is in league with the Big Kahuna of the year, is going to reap the rewards of the year. That means 2008 is 12.5 percent likely to be good for Dragons, Rats and Monkeys, as these three animals form the Water Frame Three Harmony Combination. So if you are a Dragon, Rat or Monkey, its time to up the ante and make things happen for yourself because the energies of the universe and people are on your side.

Those NOT in league with the Big Kahuna of the year, will be losing out. The Horse is most directly opposed to the Rat, as the Horse and Rat is one of the six clashes. And anyone in league with the Horse (that would be Tigers and Dogs) is naturally going to be dragged into a negative position. So all the Tigers, Horses and Dogs best lie low in 2008 and avoid trouble by simply postponing major decisions relating to career, relationships or wealth.

In a nutshell – don’t change job, change marital status or spouse, or make investments!

Each year there are also two neutral groups – this year, it is the Pig, Rabbit and Goat, which form one group, and Snake, Rooster and Ox, which form another group. Neutral groups are not really sitting on the sidelines as such, but will benefit based on what stars reside in which animal palace in the year’s star map. For example, the Emperor Star resides in the Goat sector this year, which means Goats will have opportunities when it comes to fame and heightened profile or status. As the Ox and Rat is one of the Six Combinations, Oxen will also benefit in the year of the Rat. But as the Three Harmony Combination is more powerful than a simple Combination, the Monkey and Dragons will benefit more. Rabbits have the Money Star in the Rabbit Palace, but this is only good for those who are not in partnerships.

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February 7th 2008 - Why Solar Eclipses are so significant in the Chinese Calendar

Click here to enlarge.

You might have noticed on the Desktop Tong Shu calendar that we often have the Sun and Moon Eclipses marked out. Since one of the two important Calendars in Chinese civilization, namely the Lunar Calendar, is based on the Moon (the other calendar is the Solar Calendar), the Chinese calendars are probably the most accurate source on the timing of astrological phenomenon such as eclipses.

But it begs the question: why is it important to know if there is an eclipse going on?

Image from Wikipedia

Most forms of Astrology, place a great deal of emphasis on the Sun and the Moon. In Chinese Astrology, the Sun is Yang and the Moon is Yin and they are regarded as the only two stars in the constellation that can emit light. Thus, when an eclipse of the Sun or Moon takes place, all Yang or all Yin is blocked out momentarily during that point in time. In Chinese Astrology, a sun eclipse is regarded as being worse than a moon eclipse - this is because Yang energy is required by all living beings and when a Sun eclipse occurs, Yang energy to Earth is momentarily interrupted. It also falls in-line with astrological findings that the Moon doesn’t actually emit its own light, but merely reflects the light of the Sun.

Per Chinese Astrology, it is strongly advisable to avoid going outdoors during a Sun Eclipse or to observe the phenomenon at all. Being outdoors during a Sun Eclipse is a one-way ticket to bad luck within 3 months. The ancient Chinese Astrologers specifically advised against any direct look at the eclipse.

Modern science tells us why this is a bad idea: exposure of the eye to the Sun’s rays during an eclipse (it is not possible to look at the sun when it is not in eclipse) can result in visual impairment and blindness. That does sound a bit like bad luck.

To actually understand the actual nature of the ‘bad luck’ involved requires an understanding of the Tian Xing or Heavenly Stars. One would need to know the negative stars in the constellation at that specific point in time, and the person’s exact location (latitude and longtitude). And the person needs to have either taken a direct look at the eclipse OR have been in the path of the eclipse before they have their one way ticket to bad luck.

Although there are safe methods to observe a sun eclipse, it is not advisable to actually observe the eclipse outdoors (or at all, if you want to play it safe).Being indoors, inside your home, at the time of the eclipse, is perfectly safe.

Exposure to the effect of a Sun Eclipse, can be part of the reason why two people with the same BaZi charts, encounter different paths at a certain point in time. This is because Person A and Person B are influenced by different Heavenly Stars or Tian Xing at that point in time, based on their geographical location.

The sun eclipse that takes place on February 7th 2008 is only what is known as an annular eclipse and is not a total sun eclipse. So it is not that bad. Now because it falls on the 1st Day of Chinese New Year, it does not mean that the entire year is cursed or anything so outrageous. For that matter, because it is only a partial eclipse, you don’t need to stay indoors either. Go about your activities as usual.

The next total eclipse of the Sun takes place on August 1 2008 – needless to say, THAT is not a day to get up to any important activities, especially outdoors!

If you want to see what a solar eclipse or lunar eclipse looks like, look at some pictures on the Internet!

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The Pig Tail or the Rat’s Nose?

Come February 4th 2008, we will officially enter the Year of the Earth Rat (Wu Zi 戊 子)

When the energies change over, it is not quite like microwaved food where one minute its uncooked and after 20 seconds of zapping, it is cooked. It is not the case that come February 4th 2008, DING, suddenly, good goes to bad, and bad goes to good. Horse year people don’t SUDDENLY experience an overnight change in fortunes. When the annual energies change over, it is a graduated process – like the changing of the seasons. Autumn doesn’t go to winter overnight. It transitions slowly.

One thought on people’s minds might be - are we feeling the Rat now in the month of January 2008? Or is the Pig still holding court?

Whatever energies that are in force at the moment are definitely influenced by the Rat and increasingly less by the Pig as we move towards February 4th 2008. It may still be the year of the Fire Pig, but the Qi that prevails at the moment is definitely the nose of the Rat, rather than the Tail of the Pig.

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The Year of Paris and iPhone?

I’m in Australia right now, for a series of events and courses and I can’t help but notice how much media attention is being given to a) the Apple iPhone and b) Paris Hilton coming out from jail! The coincidences of course have not escaped me – Paris Hilton and Steve Jobs (founder of Apple) are both Bing Fire Day Masters. I was prompted to write this article because one of my students asked me during a class this week: can the BaZi tell us if Paris is really just a ‘dumb blonde’? After all, few people would risk jail and drive their car knowing their license is suspended, especially if that someone is an heiress to a multi-million dollar hotel business. So, let’s take a look into the BaZi of Paris Hilton and see what it tells us.

The Sun shines in Paris

Paris Hilton’s BaZi tells us that she is a Bing Fire Day Master. Bing Fire is the fire of the sun and so it is not surprising that she is such a prominent socialite and celebrity. The sunlight after all, gives off brilliance, warm and makes us feel happy and optimistic. This particular Bing Fire is born in the Growth Star (Chang Sheng) month and also sits on a Growth star (Chang Sheng) – do you see the double Tigers in the chart?

In the study of the 12 Growths, the Growth Star represents a child at the moment of birth. It is cute, adorable and innocent – the center of attention and the one everyone coos at and who everyone wants to carry and cuddle with. And when was the last time you saw someone lose their cool or temper with a baby? Babies can do no wrong. And so Paris, can do no wrong.

Despite her well-publicised sex tape scandal, and her apparent rift with her co-star of the Simple Life, Nicole Ritchie, and despite the fact that she broke the law, hordes of adoring fans continue to love her! A fan even wrote on her Facebook website that she was an inspiration to many people and so should not be sent to jail. Newspapers reported that when Paris was told she had to spend 23 days in jail after being released to serve her sentence at home, the press reported she ‘burst into tears’ and wailed like a baby. She certainly wasn’t putting on a diva act there – she was just being, herself!

Now, we can see from her chart that she comes from a wealthy family and she’s spending family money. Notice how the Wealth Star (Xin Metal) is rooted in the Year Pillar of the BaZi? This means it is family money. Now, this is a Xin Metal Wealth Star, so that tells us that the wealth is not just obvious, it’s on display for everyone to see. And she’s not shy about displaying her family wealth either – this Xin Metal appears in the Heavenly Stems, indicating it is exposed. Literally, her wealth is on display for all to see.


An Independent Woman?

Now, the million-dollar question whenever anyone thinks about Paris Hilton is the ‘dumb blonde thing’. What does the chart say? The chart does not show water except in the Hour in the form of Gui Water and it is a negative star. The Tiger in her chart repels the Monkey (Monkey and Tiger is one of the Six Clashes in the study of BaZi), which is her Intelligence Star. Now this does not mean she’s not a Mensa club member, but rather it means she gives the impression of not having too many brain cells.

There is some speculation Paris Hilton is in fact, a well-oiled business operation, a brilliantly conceived brand that has been marketed very well by Paris herself. This chart indicates that Paris certainly knows how to make money and she is financially shrewd as Bing Fire combines with Xin Metal. And with regards to how she makes money, she has no qualms about appealing to the lowest common denominator – launching a record, perfume, licensing clubs, and even going into the clothing business in quick succession.

How do we derive this? At the higher level of BaZi, we look at each Pillar in totality. Paris’s Wealth Pillar is a pure pillar of wealth – Metal Rooster (Xin You). In advanced BaZi imagery, this is akin to the image of a box of rings. Many common objects put together that don’t really stand out. Hence, commercial ventures like clubs, perfume and a CD, items that appeal to the masses.

But I am of the view that her behaviour has less to do with ignorance or lack of intelligence and more to do with the independent nature of Bing Fire Day Masters. Bing Fire Day Masters are typically highly independent types that do not like to be told what to do. They will often follow their own path, despite the advice of those around them who may know better or who are trying to protect them from themselves. And because this chart has always been and will always be indulged thanks to the double Tigers in her chart, she is used to doing what she likes. Often Bing Fire Day Masters do not consider the consequences of what they are doing – they just do it because that’s their independent nature.

Jailhouse rocks with Paris

In 2007, the Pig combines with the two Tigers in her chart, and also produces a Destruction. The Tiger is a very important star in this chart, as it is what gives Paris her ‘can do no wrong’ card. If we analyse this using the 10 Gods method, the Tiger is the Direct Resource star and relates to a person’s good name and their sense of comfort.

So what was the source of her problems? The Pig is the 7 Killings star for Bing Fire Day Masters. 7 Killings, amongst other things, is a devil-may-care star and the star of legal problems and legal wranglings. Paris drove her car despite knowing that her license had been suspended and it could be argued that this was a devil-may-care attitude on her part since given her celebrity position and wealth, she could easily have afforded a driver! Her 23 days of jail were essentially of her own doing – a form of destructive behaviour.

The Direct Resource star typically also makes people complacent and often dependant on the goodwill of the people around them to get things done. If a person has a Direct Resource structure like Paris Hilton’s chart, these are people who often get away with getting people to do what they want by simply asking nicely or in Paris’s case, probably batting an eyelid or two. As this Direct Resource star in the Tiger is affected this year by the Pig, Paris is not able to talk her way out of the problem or charm her way out of the situation. Her ‘Get out of Jail card’ has been taken away from her.

Will Paris rise again?

The sun, no matter how gloomy the day was, always rises all over again to shine and brighten the day. And we look to the sun, to signal the end of a dark period or gloomy morning, and to shine and bring brightness and brilliance to our world. So, people will still look to Paris for inspiration, for happiness and will continue to adore her. This will not be the end of Paris, and certainly will not be the last we will hear of her. She’ll no doubt be back.

But, her current luck pillar, which is that of the Water Snake (Gui Si) indicates possible future problems with the law if she is not careful. This is because Bing Fire dislikes Gui Water as Gui Water, being the rain clouds and the mist, covers the brightness of the sun. Gui Water, is the Direct Officer star of Bing Fire and so indicates more problems caused by going against authority.

Certainly, she will not be able to eclipse her popularity in the previous luck pillar of Water Dragon (Ren Chen). The visual image of Ren Chen is that of a beautiful river. Bing Fire shining down on Ren Chen is like the sun shining over the beautiful gently flowing river. At the highest level of BaZi, appreciation of a BaZi comes from seeing the BaZi in pictoral form, like one appreciates a beautiful painting. When the scenery or picture painted by the BaZi is a beautiful one, then we can see that the person’s life at that point, is smooth and fortuitous.

Of course, as I write this, the iPhone would have been released in the US and we will be seeing the media onslaught from Paris’s appearance on the Larry King show, talking about her jail experience. It will be interesting to see which of these two Bing Fire Day Masters, will prevail at the end of this year!

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Nina Wang decoded

The famously eccentric Hong Kong billionairess Nina Wang intrigued many people during her lifetime. Here was a lady appeared in public with pigtails despite being well in her sixties, and had a decidedly childish nickname ‘Little Sweetie’ (Xiao Tian Tian) and yet seemed to be a shrewd and by all accounts, extremely capable businesswoman running a powerful, sprawling business empire.


In life, we encounter many enigmas and people who are surrounded by a certain mystique or even mythical, larger than life quality. They make for interesting newspaper reading and help fill the gossip columns. We are curious about their odd personality and habits. We’re fascinated by their lives. But often, it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction, what’s real and what’s just pure unsubstantiated gossip. Unless of course, you happen to have their BaZi or Destiny Code!

Previously, I wrote about individuals who were prominent in the public spotlight and whose attributes and characters were well-known. But to show you the power of BaZi, this week, I’m going to share with you the BaZi of an enigma - Nina Wang. By decoding her Destiny Chart, we will be able to see not only where her eccentric personality comes from, but also why is it that her life turned out the way it did.

Wang’s birthday is in the public domain but to procure the time of birth, I had to make a few phone calls to my fellow Feng Shui practitioners in Hong Kong. Now I’m sure most of you would have read about the controversy that followed her death, where she left her fortune to a Feng Shui master. I received many SMSes from my students and clients who were tickled by this revelation. As that is the subject of a legal battle, I will not be talking about that aspect of her life. We’ll instead focus on what her BaZi tells us about her personality and nature, and whether she was just an eccentric and very lucky old lady, or a truly capable business woman hiding behind pigtails!

Counter or Prosper the Husband?

Traditionally, a woman’s BaZi is considered good if it prospers the husband or brings luck to a husband. In Chinese, this is called a BaZi that “Wang Fu Yi Zi” - prospers the husband and benefits the sons (remember, only sons counted in the old days). Nina Wang’s BaZi is rather unique in the sense that it does indeed prosper the husband, but it also counters the husband star! In short, she brings luck to her husband, but she also brings him misfortune.


Wang is a Ji Earth Day Master, born in the month of Rooster (You). Now, this immediately tells us that her marriage will not be a long marriage or a lasting marriage. Rooster (You) is the peak of the Autumn season. Metal is at its strongest and purest. Wood (which is the husband element for Ji Earth) is dead in the season of Autumn. Also, in this chart, there is no true husband star, which is Jia Wood. There is only Yi Wood which, in the study of BaZi and Ten Gods, is the 7 Killings star. This means that the relationship is more orientated on friendship and mutual respect rather than love. According to Wikipedia, Wang and her husband, Teddy, were childhood playmates. They were separated when Teddy moved to Hong Kong with his family but later reunited and eventually married.

What complicates the situation for the marriage further is the fact that the Yi Wood is hidden inside the Goat (Wei) branch. In Advanced BaZi, this Yi Wood is said to be inside the Graveyard (MuFu). Combined with the fact that the husband star is weak and not the true husband star, it means this Ji Earth has no affinity with the husband.

However, this chart is also supportive of the husband star. Although Ji Earth here is born in the Rooster month, it is sitting on the Goat (Wei) which means the Earth Day Master is supported. So she does bring Wealth to her husband, especially in the initial years of the marriage. This is because between the ages of 14-43, she goes through Water luck. Water supports the Wood element, which is her husband star. So the marriage and relationship is very good at the start.

However, the moment she enters her Wood Luck Pillars, problems appear. In the Jia Yin (Wood Tiger) luck pillars, her husband was kidnapped and held for a 33 million dollar ransom. Now, the reason why the husband was unharmed during the first kidnapping attempt is because Jia Yin (Wood Tiger) luck pillar is a very strong Wood Luck Pillar. Imagine a California Redwood. The Xin metal inside the Rooster (You) is like a pen knife trying to cut this great tree. But in 1990, he was kidnapped again. This time, Wang was in the Yi Mao (Wood Rabbit) Luck Pillars. The Xin metal inside the Rooster (You) in her natal chart has no problem cutting the Yi wood inside the Rabbit (Mao). So in 1990, the kidnapping of her husband did not have a positive outcome. The husband element, which is Wood, has been irrevocably damaged and cut away.

After the disappearance of her husband, Wang became embroiled in a protracted legal battle with her father-in-law. In her chart, there is an Ox-Goat (Chou-Wei) clash - the Friends (Bi Jie) star, also represents a woman’s father-in-law. This clash is activated when she enters the Chou pillar at the age of 33. So her father-in-law didn’t just wake-up one day and decide to take her to court. This relationship issue has been bubbling in the background for some time.

Now because this Ji Earth is weak as it is not born in the right season, it can use Friends and Rob Wealth stars, collectively known as the Companion stars. This is because a weak Day Master favours the Companion stars. So although the father-in-law takes her on for the money, ultimately, he will lose it to her because this Day Master can benefit from the Companion stars.

Decoding Eccentricity

In her lifetime, Wang was renown for two things: her eccentricity and parsimony. She was known to eat fast food, and live on HKD3000 a month. The ponytails and her eccentric behaviour can be explained by the Eating God (Shi Shen) structure of her chart. Eating God types are usually eccentric, have odd habits or interests, are very behind the scenes, and typically are frugal (although on their pet habits, they will splash out). Also, the only Resource star in this chart is the Indirect Resource star. The Resource star governs a person’s thinking and typically Indirect Resource indicates odd or unconventional thinking. But to understand the pigtails, Chinese dresses and little girl-like appearance, we must look at the Rooster Rooster is Dui Gua. Dui Gua, in the study of the hexagrams, means young girl. Hence, her penchant for girlish dressing!

She is not however by any accounts, just a kooky old crone. Eating God as a star indicates intelligence and it also produces the Wealth element in this chart. She is definitely a smart lady, capable of making strategic intelligent decisions. Under her, Chinachem evolved from a pharmaceutical business to become a property powerhouse. There is quite a bit of Ji Earth in this chart, which indicates a propensity towards real estate or property development, much like Donald Trump’s chart. But also, her Wealth element is Gui Water - Gui Water indicates wealth that spread and diversifies, hence her move to expand her husband’s company beyond pharmaceuticals, into property.

A late bloomer

Forbes magazine estimated Nina Wang’s wealth at 4.2 billion, making her the richest woman in Asia (and according to Wikipedia, richer than the Queen of England). Wang’s BaZi chart shows that her great wealth only comes late in life or towards the end of her life as the Wealth element, which is Gui Water, only appears on stem at the hour pillar. Notice that it is the Indirect Wealth star that appears - hence, the wealth that Wang will ‘get’ towards the later part of her life is likely to be inherited. This Indirect Wealth star is also very strong as it is sitting on its own resource star and so we know that it is not just a small pension she’s getting, but a seriously hefty chunk of money.

Although Wang took over Chinachem in 1990 after the disappearance of her husband, legally she could not lay claim to the company or her husband’s wealth until he was declared dead (in 1999) and after a lengthy and protracted courtroom battle with her father-in-law over the control of the company and her husband’s fortune. It was only in 2005, at the age of 68, that she was legally given control of her husband’s company, Chinachem and his fortune. Thus, the events of her life, mirrored and reflected that which was in her BaZi.

Within 2 years of securing her fortune, Wang died. Living to the age of 70 would arguably not be considered ‘dying young’ but it certainly seems tragic to pass-on so soon after becoming a wealthy lady. What does Nina Wang’s BaZi tell us about how her wealth affected her life?

Wang’s Day Master is Ji Earth, so Water represents her Wealth. Ji Earth can absorb water, but not too much water; otherwise, the earth will disperse. Imagine a pot of soil. If you gently sprinkle the water over the earth in small quantities, the soil can easily absorb the liquid. But if you pour a bucketful of water right into the pot, the soil will all disperse and be washed away with the water. This is what happens to this Ji Earth Day Master when the Wealth element suddenly becomes very strong. Now, you might be wondering, how does one translate the pictorial image the BaZi gives us, into real life?

In BaZi we have a saying, too much wealth deteriorates the health. This Ji Earth Day Master is weak, being born in Autumn. So it cannot tolerate that much Water ,which is the Wealth element. So when suddenly a great deal of Wealth, health is instantly compromised. In Wang’s case, getting the money would have worsened any illness she had and also explains why she pass-on so soon after winning her money. She would have been better off without the money because in the case of this Ji Earth Day Master, money cannot and does not buy longevity.

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The Elements of Romance

One of the popular uses of BaZi Analysis is for the purpose of compatibility analysis. Now, compatibility analysis doesn’t just refer to compatibility between two people who want to get married, although that is the predominant type of analysis that usually interests most people. Compatibility analysis can also extend to business partners and employees. However, as most people are interested in the relationship compatibility variety, that is what I’ll be discussing today.

There are many things to write about compatibility but I’ll stick to a brief overview and focus on the example we have today.

We first need to understand what is the meaning of the word ‘compatibility’. Compatibility in BaZi does not mean attraction - rather, it means that you have a connection with each other. At a basic level, you ‘get along’. This variety of compatibility is quite different from the western concept of ‘The One’ or soul-mate that many people are familiar with when it comes to romantic relationships. In BaZi, many people can be ‘The One’, so the focus in BaZi is not on WHO this person is, but what qualities this person has, so that you can ‘pick them out’ when they arrive on the scene so to speak.

Of course, in BaZi, there are also attraction factors - elements in a person that draw us to them. But attraction is not the only reason why you settle down with someone or chose to spend the rest of your life with someone. Attraction factors explain why we are drawn to someone, whilst compatibility indicates whether or not we can be in a long-term relationship with someone. When it comes to relationships, attraction and compatibility have to be considered along with the overall question of whether or not the person is suited to a long-term relationship or marriage. Sometimes, some people just aren’t the marrying kind or they just aren’t in the right frame of mind, or time in their life, when they should be getting married. All these are considerations that come into play when a BaZi consultant is looking at a compatibility analysis between two people and is asked about the issue of romantic compatibility.

When two people meet…



Let’s take a look at the BaZi of this couple and see how BaZi can be used to determine compatibility. The lady is a Jia Wood Day Master and the man is a Ren Water Day Master. When we are looking at a relationship, we must remember that in BaZi, compatibility and attraction don’t always equate. Now, why is this Jia Wood lady, attracted to this Ren Water guy?

One way to understand why a person is attracted to another person is to literally understand what is on their mind. What is the wavelength so to speak and what kind of signals are they receptive to. The biggest influence on any person’s BaZi chart is the month of birth, known as the Ti Gong or Yue Ling. The element that dominates the month of birth determines many things about the person - their basic nature, their innate character, their likes, their dislikes and most importantly, dictates their attitude towards life and what matters most to them.

Now, if there is a favourable element in the month, then that indicates that they will be attracted to the ‘right’ people so to speak. But if the element is not a favourable element, then the attraction is not a positive one. What do we mean by positive attraction? It means the relationship is a favourable one and the person you are attracted to is a positive influence, or whose presence in your life brings about positive benefits.

Now, let’s take a look at our Jia Wood Lady. She is born in the month of Hai (Pig). Hai (Pig) is part of the season of Winter, when Water is very strong. So, Water attracts her, particularly Ren Water, which is the type of Water that is the Hidden Stem inside Hai (Pig). And what Day Master is her companion? Ren Water.

Of course, one cannot just extrapolate that because someone is attracted to Ren Water Day Masters, that anyone who is Ren Water is attractive to this Jia Wood Lady. It’s not as simplistic as that - there’s more to the magic of attraction than just having an element on your mind. The Jia Wood Lady’s chart is cold, being Wood born in Winter. So what this chart needs is some fire, to help warm it up and bring it to life.

Her attraction to this particular Ren Water gentleman can be explained by looking at his chart. The Ren Water gentleman’s Day Master is seated on Wu (Horse), which contains the Hidden Stem of Ding Fire. So, our Jia Wood Lady is attracted to this Ren Water gentleman because his chart contains elements that she likes, and also elements that attract her because these are elements that she already has on her mind. In BaZi, we call this affinity.

Furthermore, if you look at the Jia Wood Lady’s chart, you will notice she is going through Ren Yin (Water Tiger) Luck Pillars. Ren Water has protruded and become evident - thus, the person whom she is attracted to has come into her life. In BaZi, we call this affinity. It explains why people are attracted to certain people, or why certain people at certain points of time in our lives, frequently cross our paths, or for that matter, never seem to cross our paths.

Affinity is not always good. You can have an affinity with something that is negative. Affinity does not justify something as good or bad, but simply is a BaZi term for explaining a connection, a synchronicity if you like.

I wanna D-I-V-O-R-C-E…

Now, this relationship between the Jia Wood lady and Ren Water guy did not last. In fact, they are getting divorced. Why? First and foremost, these charts belong to individuals who are not the marrying kind, in the sense that their personality and characters make it difficult for them to be in a lasting relationship.

The Jia Wood lady is a strong Jia Wood, being born in the season of Water, which is her Resource star. Her husband star, which is Xin Metal, is not strong enough to control her. Thus, the relationship is one where she is extremely headstrong and he is desperately trying to control her. Imagine a Swiss army knife trying to chop down a California redwood - that is what their relationship is like. Furthermore, the Jia Wood lady’s spouse palace has a combination-destruction relationship between the Yin (Tiger) and the Hai (Pig). This indicates that her relationships start out well, and then peter out or go to pot in the end.

But it takes two to tango as they say. Mr Ren Water’s chart is
also problematic from a relationship perspective. In his chart, his
Ren Water Day Master is weak, being born in the month of Mao
(Rabbit) which is the peak of the season of Wood. When Wood is
strong, Water is weak. His spouse star however, which is the
element of Fire, is born in the season of Resource, as Wood feeds
Fire. So in his chart, the weak Ren Water is struggling to control
the strong fire - a bit like using spit to put out a barbeque fire.

Generally, in a compatibility analysis, the strength of the Day
Masters of the two parties in question is usually considered. This
is a good way to assess the ‘readiness’ of the parties for a
relationship. Generally, the male must be strong enough to
control the spouse star, whilst the female must not be too strong, so as to counter the spouse star.

Furthermore, Mr Ren Water has two spouse elements, and one of those spouse elements is in a Fu Yin relationship with his current pillar. A Fu Yin indicates a sad event in the person’s life and in the case of Mr Ren Water, it relates to his relationship, hence his divorce. In Mr Ren Water’s case, his wife chose to divorce him by SMS and it would seem, has a pre-nuptial agreement to protect her estimated USD180 million fortune. Who is Mr Ren Water? He is none other than Kevin Federline and his Jia Wood wife is the pop star Britney Spears.

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The Crocodile Hunter

Like many people, I was surprised and saddened by the sudden death of Steve Irwin, the famous ‘Crocodile Hunter’. I was teaching a BaZi class in Singapore when I received an SMS during the tea break about the tragic event. Many people in the class also got the same news and students began bombarding me with questions about Steve Irwin’s BaZi.

So, in today’s article, I will talk about why Steve Irwin was who he was: the Crocodile Hunter that entertained so many people and was beloved by kids everywhere. While I do not have his actual time of birth, based on his life and the types of BaZi structures described in the classical text Yuan Hai Zi Peng, I believe his hour of birth may well be the Dragon Hour (7am-9am). However, I will discuss his chart without reference to the hour.


The Consummate Performer

Steve Irwin’s Day Master is Xin Metal. Xin Metal is jewellery metal or small metal – or we may picture this element with your Cartier rings, your Swiss Army knives or your Rolex watches. It is beautiful, elegant, and to be admired. People with Xin Metal Day Masters love attention and the limelight, besides being passionate in their work. Hence, Irwin was destined to be an entertainer or a showman - be it feeding crocodiles at Australia Zoo, or taking us on crazy nature expeditions, courtesy of Animal Planet.

In his Month Stem and Year Stem, there is Ren Water. In BaZi, Ren Water is the Hurting Officer star (Shang Guan) of Xin Metal. This is an excellent formation as the Xin Metal needs to be washed by the Ren Water in order to be polished, shiny and beautiful. If Steve Irwin was indeed born at Dragon Hour, as I believe, then his chart will have a special formation of Xin Metal with Triple Ren Water. This special formation belongs to individuals with outstanding performance skills. In the old days, this kind of BaZi belonged to opera singers - consummate performers.

So why did Steve Irwin become the Crocodile Hunter and not the Possum Catcher or ‘Roo Hunter’? Why was he attracted to crocodiles? In BaZi, Jia Wood also can refer to ‘armour’. The crocodile is a creature with an armour. As for the penchant for handling snakes, Si (Snake), Yin (Tiger) and Shen (Monkey), along with Hai (Pig) are part of the same group of Earthly Branches. Also, Wood is very strong in this chart as there is the Tiger and Rabbit present, which is 2 out of 3 of the Branches from the season of Spring, when Wood is strongest. If Irwin is born in the Dragon Hour, then he has the entire Directional Combination for the season of Wood. Hence, he is attracted to matters of nature.

Some BaZi analysts have argued that Irwin’s chart is a formation known as Follow the Leader. This is questionable. Firstly, if that was the case, that Irwin would have hated his job. And I think it is obvious to anyone who has seen his show that he loved what he did and was extremely passionate about crocodiles and snakes and nature. Secondly, a Follow the Leader formation always manifests as a person doing something which they do not like to do but have to do as they have to conform to the strongest element. Also, if the chart is really a Follow the Leader chart, then Irwin would probably have written nature books rather than made documentaries since Wood is the book publishing business in the study of the 5 Elements.

This Xin Metal Day Master is born in the season of Wood. Wood is the Wealth Element of a Xin Metal Day Master. However, the wood inside the Tiger (Yin) is Jia Wood. Jia Wood is strong, solid tree trunks. Now, imagine a small penknife trying to chop down a redwood tree. This Xin Metal Day Master has to work extremely hard for its accomplishments. I don’t think anyone can doubt that wrestling crocodiles, handling poisonous reptiles and picking up snakes is hard or at the very least, extremely difficult work.

‘Crikey’ - he was a genuine naturalist.

In BaZi, Xin Metal is the most talkative of the Day Masters. A good Xin Metal talks a mile to a minute and always has something to say or an opinion to express. This is because Xin Metal loves to produce Water. Hence, the hyperarticulate nature of Steve Irwin. Also, Xin Metal using Hurting Officer denotes going against the order or prevailing status quo of the day. Irwin paved the way for nature documentaries that were energetic and adventurous, and a whole new form of entertainment. His style was unorthodox, vastly different from the prevailing approach to nature documentaries.

Following his fame as the Crocodile Hunter, Irwin established a nature conservation charity, known as Wildlife Warriors. Some newspaper articles I saw seemed to throw doubt on his passion for nature and conservationist intentions. His desire to help conserve the environment is doubtlessly genuine because Wood formation, in the study of the Five Elements, represents benevolence, growth and nurturing and this element is strong in Irwin’s chart. Also, Wealth element is actually negative for this Xin Metal chart because it is very strong, especially if the Dragon Hour is correct. So, establishing a charity and ‘giving’ his money away, was the correct and noble thing to do, in the BaZi context. Also, the strength of the Wood here indicates that Irwin’s motivation is a genuine interest in nature, and not the money.

Wood (both Yi Wood and Jia Wood), besides representing the Wealth Star of Xin Metal, also represents, for a man, the Wife Star. Irwin met his wife during the Luck Pillar of Yi Si (Wood Snake). Yi Wood, which is soft twines and ivy, is much easier to ‘cut’ compared to Jia Wood. Hence, Irwin met his wife during this period in his life. Si (Snake) is a Travelling Star. Within Si (Snake) is Bing Fire. Fire represents the South Direction. How did Irwin meet his wife? When she travelled to Australia from the US! The Yi Wood comes with Bing Fire inside the Snake. Bing Fire represents the Direct Officer star (Guan Xing) for a Xin Metal Day Master and denotes fame and status. Irwin filmed the first episode of Crocodile Hunter during his honeymoon with his wife! From the BaZi, clearly, she was instrumental to his becoming famous!

It was however only in his next Luck Pillar, Bing Wu, that Irwin became truly famous around the world. Firstly, the Wu (Horse) and the Yin (Tiger) form a half Fire combination. Secondly, Fire, to a Xin Metal Day Master, is Officer Luck, and signals fame and glory. As the sun blazes over this Xin Metal, surrounded by the Ren Water, the Xin Metal’s beauty is revealed to the world. Imagine a beautiful ring, glistening and sparkling under the sea water, illuminated by the sun. This is how we can ‘picture’ Steve Irwin’s BaZi during this luck pillar.

The Tragic Event

How do we derive the tragic occurrence of his death from Irwin’s BaZi? Firstly, he had just changed Luck Pillars, into the Luck Pillar of Ding Wei. The Ding combines with all the Ren in his chart, and successfully transforms into Wood. The element most integral to his chart’s success is removed and the element that is most negative to the chart is now enhanced.

The Wei (Goat) combines with the Mao (Rabbit) Branch. In BaZi language, we say the feet of the Day Master is combined away. This indicates movement away from home and negative events happening since Wei and Mao is a half combination that also produces Wood. So the negative element is now appearing in a double whammy formation in the BaZi.

Wei and Mao are two Branches in a Three Harmony Combination and the third animal Branch in the Combination is Hai (Pig). Inside Hai (Pig) is Ren. Ren Water is sea water and the water of great lakes and rivers. As the Hai Mao Wei combination is obviously negative (producing Wood) and the third component to complete the combination is the Hai (Pig), which contains Ren, clearly, any activity involving the sea is potentially dangerous.

Why a sting ray? Because it is a sea creature and all creatures found in the sea are regarded as being associated with Ren Water. Irwin was killed moments after a sting ray barb caught him in the chest and pierced his heart - Ding Fire represents the heart and in this luck Pillar, it is combined away by the Ren. I believe there may have been more than one stingray present during the accident because Ren and Yin (with the Jia inside) strongly suggests at least two creatures.

Finally, there is an Ungrateful Punishment Formation between the Shen (Monkey) in the month and day of the event and the Yin (Tiger). An ungrateful punishment is a relationship between the Earthly Branches and is termed an ‘ungrateful punishment’ because it involves doing good for someone but getting no gratitude in return. Ironically, Irwin was killed by one of the creatures that he had devoted his life to protecting.

In BaZi, a person’s luck continues, even though the person is no longer with us in this world. Steve Irwin’s name, and his contributions to conservation, will live on and be remembered for a long time. This is because the Ding Wei Luck Pillar is still a very strong pillar of Fire, which brings fame and good name to the Xin Metal Day Master. We will not easily forget the Crocodile Hunter, even though he is no longer with us.

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Putting It All Together

My earliest exposure to the field of Chinese Metaphysics came many years ago when I was in Hong Kong. I turned on the television and chanced upon a talk show, which featured a well-known Hong Kong Feng Shui master. The gentleman had been invited to the talk show to demonstrate his face-reading skills. Members of the audience were picked randomly and invited up onto the stage, where the Master would promptly read their faces, tell them about themselves, just by looking at their faces.

Face reading, aside from its obvious practical advantages it offers in business and daily dealings, is considered an important complementary discipline for Feng Shui practitioners. A handy back-up skill as it were that helps a Feng Shui consultant practice more effectively and efficiently.

Originally, Mian Xiang or Face Reading was developed for medical purposes. The famous Chinese medical text, the Yellow Emperor Classics, contains many references on how to make use of facial features to ascertain medical problems. Later on, the basic principles of Face Reading were extended beyond medical diagnosis, to support Destiny Analysis. Imperial advisors would use it often to vet candidates for Imperial positions. You see, in the olden days, a person didn’t submit his CV for an imperial position - instead he would submit his BaZi or Destiny Code.

Now, occasionally, a candidate might attempt to submit a false BaZi to improve his chances of securing a position on the Imperial payroll, which in those days, was a very desired job posting, since a person was more or less assured of what the Chinese call an ‘iron rice bowl’. So, the Imperial advisors would use Mian Xiang to confirm the BaZi, and make sure the candidate did actually have the skills he professed to have.

If you have been reading my past articles, most of you would probably be familiar with how BaZi and Feng Shui work together. As I have indicated in the past, a complete Feng Shui consultation usually involves the use of BaZi, which is a person’s Destiny Code, to determine the nature of the problem faced by the person at that particular point in time. The Feng Shui consultant then uses Feng Shui as a prescription, to help resolve or alleviate the problem, diagnosed using the help of the person’s Destiny Code.

However, there are some occasions where a person’s Destiny Code is not available or the client asks something on the spot, during the consultation, and the BaZi chart is not available. In such cases, a Feng Shui consultant who has studied face reading, can use Mian Xiang or Face Reading, as a back-up discipline to see where the client’s problems are, or what challenges he is facing at that particular point in time. This is because Mian Xiang represents what we call Later Heaven Luck - it tells us about the present, the outcome of current events as a result of the present state of mind, beliefs, character and virtues.

By examining Qi colour on the face, and the specific age point co-relating to the client’s age, and looking at the contours and features on the face at that particular age point, the consultant can get a concise snapshot of the person’s state of health or luck at that point in time. A person’s face, almost always will confirm, what is in his/her BaZi generally. So for example, if a person has a problem with holding on to money in his/her BaZi, what we call a Rob Wealth (Jie Cai) problem in BaZi consultant terminology, this will invariably show on his/her face, in the form of very thick eyebrows.

A case of Prevention is better than Cure

A good illustration of how useful Mian Xiang is, when combined with BaZi and Feng Shui is when it comes to a person’s health. I remember a client from a few years back, who had engaged me to audit his house, which was being built at the time.

The client met us at my office to show us the way to his property. When the client sat down in my office to show me the plans of the house, something on his face drew my attention: he had a distinct line crossing the lobe of both his ears (see attached diagram). In the study of Mian Xiang, this is usually one indication that the person has a risk of developing heart-related problems. I double-checked my concern by looking at his eyes. There was a distinct blue ring around the pupil of his eyes, another clear indication of heart-related problems.


Now, often, a conclusion derived from one discipline, such as Mian Xiang, will be supported and confirmed through another discipline, like Feng Shui or BaZi. So, we proceeded to the gentleman’s house.

At his house, this is what we saw.


The house was in the process of being constructed at the time but it was enough for me to ascertain where his Main Door would be located and the facing of this property. I also noticed that he had a lamp post directly in the part of his Main Door, a formation known in Feng Shui as Piercing Heart Sha. This is definitely an unfavourable formation to have at the Main Door. As you will recall, the Main Door is one of the three important factors that must always be considered when we are looking at the Feng Shui of a property. When the Main Door is affected, the Qi that enters the property is blocked or is transformed into negative or Sha Qi.

A simple check of the directions with the Luo Pan revealed that the lamp post was located in the South sector of his house. Now, the South sector of a property is governed by the Gua known as Li Gua. Li Gua, amongst other things, represents the eyes and the heart. Now, I think most people can pretty much figure out what it means if you have Piercing Heart Sha, located in the sector that is governed by the Gua that represents the heart and the eyes. Hence, it matched my initial concern from what I had seen on the client’s face, i.e. he may have a heart-related problem, especially if he were to also move into the house he was building with the environmental feature located where it was.

So what then was the outcome you might be thinking? How does the story end? Positively, I’m pleased to say! The client decided, that since he hadn’t been for a medical check up in a while, he would go for a thorough one. He also, decided to change the design of the house to move the location of the Main Door, which was not too difficult to rectify since the house had not been finished yet and he could still make changes to the design.

When I checked the gentleman’s BaZi, it revealed a clash between the Zi (Rat) and Wu (Horse), known in BaZi terminology as Shui Huo Xiang Cong or Fire and Water Clash. This is an explosive clash of the Fire and Water elements and is an indication of a heart problem also.

What the face and the BaZi reveals in this case is an area that is a cause for concern, but more importantly, action. Hence, I have always emphasised the importance of taking the right action, once you have been alerted to a potential problem.

I recently saw my client again, on a different matter, and I noticed that the lines on his earlobe had diminished significantly. He told me that since then, he has also been trying to eat better and had been exercising more, as the medical check-up revealed some problems which if he did not change his lifestyle, could lead to heart problems.


Now, it’s not absolutely essential that your Feng Shui practitioner know Mian Xiang or practice it as a complementary discipline to his Feng Shui practice, but as you can see from this little story, it is a very helpful back-up discipline to have, as it helps the Feng Shui practitioner fine-tune and focus his efforts. By combining his knowledge of BaZi with Mian Xiang, a Feng Shui practitioner can zero in on not just long-term problems, but also short-term and more immediate, pressing issues at hand, such as health concerns.

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Behind the Face of a Football Genius

Although I can’t consider myself a football fan, it seems it is impossible to escape World Cup fever. Especially after that ‘head-butting’ incident involving Zinedine Zidane, which has dominated the sports pages, despite the tournament being over. Even someone like me, who isn’t really that interested in football, was drawn into the storyline that played out following the finals.

The dominant question on many people’s minds seemed to be this: why would an illustrious talented footballer ruin his curtain call and retirement from the world stage at the most prestigious event in football history, with an ignominious red card for a head-butt? Nevermind what was said to Zidane - the question many sports journalists, fans and non-fans alike must be wondering is: what on earth made him do it?

So, this week, we will look at the Destiny Code of the talismanic Zinedine Zidane, to see if we can understand why he saw red on Finals Day.


Zidane the Enigma? Not really!

What a person is reluctant to reveal about himself can always be deciphered from his Destiny Code – the BaZi. A person’s BaZi tells us not just who we perceive him to be, but who he really is. The Heavenly Stems, which form the top half of a person’s Destiny Code, represent the immediate, the obvious, the surface personality, that which we perceive of the person, when we first meet him. But to truly know what a person is like, we must delve beyond the surface. So, let’s take a look at Zidane’s Destiny Code.

Zidane’s BaZi reveals a formation known as Shang Guan Qi Sha or Hurting Officer controls Seven Killings Formation. This is a formation that is typically found in outstanding martial artists (Bruce Lee’s chart for example has a similar formation) and also individuals with unique physical abilities. Since there are not that many martial artists today, this formation is usually applied in the context of sports, since sports is a physical art form. It is this structure that gives Zidane his magic touch with the football. The chart shows two types of Fire formations, indicating that he can strike the ball equally well with both his right and left legs. As his Day Master is seated on a Seven Killing star, this indicates quick reflexes, charisma, as well as the presence of a good ‘killer instinct’ - hence, his cool and calm demeanour when taking penalties! It also shows that he has strong leadership qualities.

The strong Hurting Officer star, which is represented by the element of Bing or Yang Fire, usually marks the individual as one who does not like to be controlled and is impulsive. Hence, it indicates challenges when it comes to playing in a team-based sport like football and challenges for coaches in controlling him. Persons with strong Hurting Officers are also highly individualistic, and have strong showmanship skills. In the study of BaZi, Bing Fire is the fire of the sun, and carries with it qualities such as beauty, passion, intensity, brilliance and magnanimity, all which are hallmarks of Zidane’s style of play - the little touches, the skilful dazzling he-makes-it-look-easy ball-acrobatics he pulls off, and his ability to not only score goals, but assist in goals being scored.

When one has Bing Fire as the Hurting Officer star, the person is typically short-tempered and impulsive. Furthermore, Zidane’s Hurting Officer star sits on Yang Ren or Goat Blade, which means it is a very intense, hot and explosive Hurting Officer star. Hence he has been sent off 14 times in his career, including once for stamping on a player during a World Cup match, and another time for head-butting while playing for Juventus. He is also one of the four players to have been sent off in a World Cup Final in the history of the World Cup.

Decoding the Head Butt

So what made Zidane see red at this World Cup, when he knew that it would be his last international match? This year being the year of Bing Xu or Fire Dog, the Fire is extremely hot. So, his Hurting Officer, which is already extremely strong, becomes excessively strong. When an element is overwhelmingly strong, its negative qualities usually come out. When a Hurting Officer star becomes negative, the person becomes petulant, rebellious and has too much fighting spirit.

Also, the interaction between his current 10 year luck pillar of Geng Xu and the annual pillar of Bing Xu reveals a formation known as Hurting Officer sees Officer (Shang Guan Jian Guan), which denotes chaos, irrational excessively emotional behaviour, problems with authority, and going against the accepted order of things. In addition, there is also a Harm formation between the Xu (Dog) of the year, the Xu (Dog) in his 10 year luck pillar, and the You (Rooster) in his BaZi. This Harm formation denotes a lack of peace or an inner anger.

His Yi Wood Day Master needs Gui Water to help it grow, and wet Ji Earth, found in the Chou (Ox), to pacify the heat, and enable the wood to grow. Gui Water is the Resource star, and also represents the Mother whilst Ji Earth is the Wealth Star, which also represents the wife. Both these elements are important to this Yi Wood Day Master. What exactly was said to him that provoked him remains the subject of debate but from Zidane’s BaZi, certainly any insult about his mother or his wife, would probably have triggered his temper, based on his BaZi!

This raises an important point about BaZi that often gets overlooked. In the past, BaZi was designed to reveal fate and destiny only. For many years, it had remained as such. The path that was laid out was essentially the path that would be walked. In modern days, we do not perceive BaZi in this way. Destiny is but one of the possible paths a person can walk. Destiny can, to some degree, be changed. In the old days, a heart attack was a death sentence. Today, if you know about it early enough, it can be prevented and treated. The power of free will, the advantage of informed choice, and the ability to make an informed decision, means that how a person lives his/her life, remains in his/her own hands.

What does this mean in the case of Zinedine Zidane? Admittedly, Zidane’s BaZi indicates how he would react to a provocation and that his reaction would bring about negative outcomes. But, at that moment, at the 110th minute on that pitch in Berlin, ultimately, Zidane held his destiny in his own hands (or head).

The Power of the Officer

Despite being sent-off, Zidane was awarded the Golden Ball award and so far, there seems to be no vilification of him in his home country for what he did. Why?

His current 10 year luck pillar shows strong Officer Luck (Guan Xing) as a result of the combination between his Yi Wood Day Master, and Geng Metal, so he will still continue to command respect and honour as the Officer Star represents good status and reputation. This head-butt will not tarnish his reputation substantially, nor detract from his skills and talents. Xu (Dog) is the graveyard for Xin Metal, which is the Seven Killings star. Seven Killings represents critics, petty people and detractors. These will eventually go away as the year goes on so they will not prove to be a long-term problem. The indications of his chart are that he’ll probably get to keep the Golden Ball award as well.

According to Wikipedia, Zidane earned a 6.4 million euros salary at Real Madrid, and in 2005-2006, he earned 8.6 million euros from sponsorship and endorsement deals. This is also in tune with his 10 year luck pillar of Geng Xu, which he entered in 2005. Geng Metal and Yi Wood, which is his day Master, is combining with the Officer Star. This typically represents strong sponsorship and endorsement opportunities for a sportsman, whilst the Xu (Dog) brings strong Wealth Luck. In this luck pillar, an ambassadorial role for Zidane is ideal and he should also have no problems with endorsements. All he has to do is say yes, and his wealth should be secure until 2015. He will be wise to stay away from coaching or management opportunities as his BaZi indicates he lacks the patience to coach or manage a football team.

Charisma has a face

It is not uncommon for BaZi consultants and even Feng Shui consultants, to rely on face reading or Mian Xiang, as a back-up discipline. There have been times when I have used face-reading for quick or on the spot evaluations of a client’s luck, when a BaZi chart was not available. The face, almost always, confirms what we already know from the Destiny Code. So what story does Zidane’s face tell?

If you look closely at his face, you will notice that his eyebrows pierce upwards, at the ‘head’ (the end closer to the center of the face). In Mian Xiang, these are known as Spear-headed eyebrows and denote individuals who are highly opinionated and quick off the mark. Usually, individuals with Spear-headed eyebrows also have prominent or strong Hurting Officer (Shang Guan) nature.

Zidane has strong, high and outward growing cheekbones - these denote strong leadership and a charismatic nature. He has sharp, pointed eyes which indicate impatience, but an eye for detail, hence his ability to read the game and create possibilities on the football field, out of seemingly nothing.

In Mian Xiang, each year of a person’s life is represented by a single point on the face. The ages of 27-30 are represented by the temples, the life palace or Yin Tang, which is located between the eyebrows and the Forest, which is the area above the ear. On Zidane’s face, all these areas are sunken or the hairline crosses these areas, denoting that these years are less favourable. However, once Zidane entered eyebrow luck, at 31 years old (30 by Western age calculations), his luck clearly takes a turn for the better. His eyebrows are clear and charismatic, not too thick and upward growing. Indeed, in 2002, Zidane won the UEFA Champions League Most Valuable Player award, and transferred from Juventus to Real Madrid for a record 66 million euros. At 35, he has just finished eyebrow luck and entered eye luck - whilst his luck will still be good, the best is probably behind him so his decision to retire is a wise one indeed.

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